#DOW What INFO Did All The CEO’s Get As They Jumped Ship THIS Week & Month?!

This whole stock dump has me SO ANGRY.  I woke up pissed off.  Because 1st Bezos sells off 1.8 bill in stocks:Interesting That @JeffBezos Sold 1.8 Bil In AMZN Stock Before -1190 DOW FIASCO

Then, my dear friend, T advised me that all of the CEO’s were jumping ship like rats this month BEFORE the big stock dump Click here to see…  (Inside info ring a bell?)

And, maybe the deepstate Communists planned this and who knows if they’re not hyping up the whole Coronavirus just to scare the market like Trump is saying?  Like Gordon Gekko.. “We make the rules, pal…war, peace, famine, upheaval.”

Like the laughing parent, Robbie Parker after his child was slaughtered at Sandy Hook…THIS is probably just another deepstate hoax and many of us are suckers, watching it happen. 

Sad part is all of the middle class folk selling a few stocks here and there, losing their life savings of 100K or so and the CommieCrats and their RepubliPinko friends are playing along…and laughing.