#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can:

#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can

Dont buy the hype:

#Coronavirus-“COVID19” [1] Feb 2020. 
Jan – March 2020: [157,594] Americans will have died of cancer.

Not a new disease. Not a ‘new’ series of virus. A total Leftist hyped up, manufactured panic to hurt Trump’s economy.  This latest mass media stunt has hurt many people, financially.  I hope you Communists are proud of yourselves.



5 thoughts on “#Coronavirus Found On My Old Lysol Can:

  1. Wow, Twitter won’t let me share this! 😦 What jerks.

    In other news, I’d really appreciate your prayers, P. My husband passed away 2 weeks ago and we could really use any you have to spare. ❤ Thank you.

  2. Oh man!
    Absolutely, Lord,
    I ask you to bring PEACE into Ness situation. Bring your love and comfort,
    Bring your presence so strong and powerful and let her know without a shadow of a doubt that YOU are there with her. In Jesus mighty name.
    Thank you Lord.

  3. Oh, P, thank you for that lovely prayer! I know the Lord hears you because I have felt what you prayed so strongly. The Lord has been so present with me, little signs here and there just showing me that He is near, He is in control. Thank you. *hugs* ❤ ❤

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