Say Prayers AGAINST The #Coronavirus #COVID19

Say Prayers AGAINST The #Coronavirus #COVID19

The prayer of faith will heal the sick: James 5:15

Dear Heavenly father,

  We little people here down on earth do not deserve your goodness.  You are so good, kind, thoughtful, powerful, omnipotent.  You are the savior of the whole world.  You love us little people down here so much that its not your will that we be sick. It is the devils will that we all get sick and die.  YOU want us to have life, Lord.

So, I pray that this Coronavirus, Covid19 would dry up and wither.  That the host would die. That the virus would CEASE.  Lord, that your love may spread all over the world & heal the people and give them strength to recover.

Dear Lord Elohim: you are high and lifted up. Your righteousness reaches to the clouds: RAIN on this virus.  Let your spirit fall upon it and dry it up,

Jews and Christians: Baruch Hashem  And: In the name of Yeshua, Jesus our Messiah.

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