Life As We Know It Has CHANGED. Stock Market CRASH

The sun is still shining, the birds are still singing. God is STILL in control.

Space Coast Sunset

This morning, I am heavily burdened in the spirit. Even though God has prepared me for this most of my adult life…I know that life is not going to be the same and it is not a ‘happy thought’.
I have seen the stores like all of you have, they are empty and not really being replenished. Maybe in some places they are, but not where I am.

People are in panic mode and operating under the spirit of fear. Some have chosen to go lay down and turn everything off, hoping that in 2 weeks, everything will be normal. Because everything ALWAYS returns back to normal in the life of the American.
Well, just what if it never returns to normal and this is something we all must consider. If this is a ‘test run’…. How are you dealing with it? Even if it is a test run…are you pretending that Prez Trump is going to ‘fix it?’ Give that man a damned break, get tough, get strong. “Ask not what your country (or Prez) can do for you, ask what YOU can do for your country.’ He is ONLY human. Leftists have forgotten this. Instead, it is an everyday ‘dump on Trump’. They need to CHANGE NOW.

On the net, the stock market forms and websites have ALREADY accepted that the “Super Depression” is here. The only people not accepting this is the average Joe Smith. Don’t be a Joe Smith in these times. YOUR LIFE HAS NOW CHANGED. Whether you are a D or an R. YOUR Life is now changed and it is time to grow up BIGTIME.
The stock market forums ALREADY believe this is WAY worse than even the Great Depression.
The reason they called the WW2 Gen ‘the GREATEST Gen’ is because how they HANDLED it.
1. Get yourself right with God.
2. RATION and I cannot emphasize this strong enough

Even if it is a ‘test run’….remember when we were in HS? We had Emergency drills? We had to act like it was really happening and not panic. Just go outside in formation….Remember? Well, everyday life is an emergency drill and you need to get yourself rehearsed for anything now.

In my little opinion… Being prepared is NOT stupid. Its smart. Prepare everyday.

God bless you all.
No, Im not ‘arrogant’ and do not mean to come across this way.
But, I do know what is happening and like some people—have accepted it and allowing God to train me to deal with it like a big girl.


Comment from the Man who brought us ‘hooked on phonics’


The state has long planned for this scenario. It realizes the asset bubble and Ponzi scheme economy cannot be sustained and the crash will be catastrophic. The plan is to blame COVID-19 for the crash. This will not only allow the real culprits—central banks, the Federal Reserve, investment firms, and other scam artists and economic criminals—off the hook but flood them with trillions of bailout dollars.

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  1. Good morning. Yes I even drank alchohol yesterday which is not even a once per year event in this house! It was already several weeks ago that we were warned that if we had to go to Phoenix VA we must bring our own TP because it had all been STOLEN! Today I must talk to family about having 1 Pnut butter meal per day now rather than waiting till that is all we have. My son is immature and my husband has senior moments where he demands meat at every meal so I feel quite challenged. Plus neither of them is capable of helping me about the house and yard so yep I’m needing to restore that vertical relationship. We have a bit of flour but no yeast so I can make tortillas and have Pnut butter roll-ups. I really enjoyed John Liming. Thanks for posting regular.

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