Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly?

Everyone is looking for an anti Christ.  Well, he’s already here and he was the Prez of the US (Obama is either ‘the one’ or the ‘prophet’ OF ‘the one’.)    Imagine a nation turning SO evil that we had this disgusting pig as a Prez.  People worshiped this evil devil like he was Jesus.  The Left loved this bottom-feeding pond scum. Of course they did because he is the most evil creature alive and they are evil personified.

I just saw an article where Satan/Obama was refuting Prez Trump about the virus…SO typical of Obama. So predictable.  I bet the monster becomes King of the UN.  Remember now….he wants to be ‘king’ of the world.  Then, he’ll lead all of the nations to Israel to kill the Jews there and all these phony “Christians” that hate Israel will praise that monster to the skies just because they hate all Jews.  Imagine serving satan in hell forever just because you hate Jews.  And, believe you me…Obama will be praised even by some Jews in Israel. Not all but many.

Word to the wise… Stay away from the Obama-bot types.  They will accept the bracelet or tattoo in their wrist.  This bracelet in the coming time ahead will afford them food.  If you think for a minute, this pest went away after the election…You must also believe bridges in Brooklyn are for sale. God gave plenty of signs of this beast.  People brushed the signs off. I didn’t. Even Obama’s home state showed us who he is: Illinois Lottery Drew 666 on Heels of Obama Victory. Any coincidence that Chicago Zipcode is 60606?? His secret service code name was ‘renegade’ and his limo was called “beast”.


Lord of the flies: (flies are drawn to crap)

Image result for Obama, flies

Image result for Obama, flies

God mocked him below.  Obama said: “You all know who I am”.  Yeah, Satan’s fav son… But, the sheep had no clue.

God was showing everyone he is a dirty rat:

We are ‘the ones we’ve been waiting for’.  Yeah, satan… Puke.

666 came up right after Obama won the election:

Just watch…In a time of great turmoil, the anti christ will rise on the scene.  He is starting to:  Obama Tells Americans to Stay Home For the Foreseeable Future After President Trump Says He Wants to Reopen the Country by Easter


It…. the creature is already here.

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  1. Yes, Obama’s the Antichrist. Please spread the news 24 7 til he’s revealed. This makes us the Messengers of the Apocalypse and it’s a holy mission which we have to carry out.
    Look at this Newsweek article: Belief Watch: Is Obama’s the Antichrist?
    Also this article: One in four Americans think Obama may be the antichrist, survey says
    This video: Obama The Lottery and 666 You have GOT TO SEE THIS! What are the CHANCES Is he the Antichrist
    This video too: God Lotto Numbers ! 666 Obama Antichrist
    This video: Obama’s State Lottery Is 666 Day After Win
    This video: OBAMA 666 LOTTERY” Antichrist

    You’re doing a very holy work of revealing the Antichrist aka Satan-in-Person. Bless YOU!!!!!

  2. Mad Jewess.


    The prophecy of the Antichrist and him versus the Messiah fits with the COVID 19 situation (the Horseman of Pestilence). It also fits with the Armageddon prophecy of the Horseman of War, which is when the Muslims in Israel were on the verge of forming a government with Benny Gantz’s Blue and White.
    Then they split up and Benny Gantz left the Muslims behind. Gantz has now formed a Unity Government with Netanyahu to fight the Corona. That fits the prophecy of end times when the Messiah appears to save the world. It’s when the Israelis push back against the Muslims.

    Now, I’ve got this fantastic news that the Antichrist Obama’s real name has been revealed by his cousin Linda Joy Adams. It can be read in her “Daily Recap” posts on her blog: and the name of Obama is really in fact “Barry Parks”. This astounding news is backed up by the details she gives, which are that his real father’s name is Jim T. Parks, (Rosa Parks’ brother-in-law.) This is therefore perfectly trustworthy news. This can be verified by genealogy searches of the Rosa Parks family. Rosa Parks’ family is now living in Mississippi and can be contacted for confirmation.

    This is perfectly transparent. Linda Adams says that Jim Parks was murdered by hooded KKK-types in Topeka, Kansas, where Obama’s mother was brought up and raised. The whole secrecy behind Obama’s fake name and identity is thus explained and easily understandable. The Antichrist’s whole strategy of deceit and cover-up is thus easily understood and the truth is clearly revealed about him.

  3. Well, lots of ppl think the AC will be handsome. Maybe Obama is a pre cursor.

  4. “The Mad Jewess said:March 28, 2020 at 1:32 PM
    Well, lots of ppl think the AC will be handsome. Maybe Obama is a pre cursor.”

    Hey Mad,

    Thanks for what you do. We have to get the birthers back on board to reveal Obama’s hidden identity. Do you know Pamela Geller? She’s an asset in fighting against Islam which is the worst thing existing in the world and which Antichrist Obama uses to the hilt to fight against Jews. The end times prophecy of Israel is coming true just as we’re speaking today.

    Yes, it’s true that white people are now burdened by politically correct limited visions. And so it’s forbidden to say Obama’s not intelligent and handsome. You can’t say he’s a gay black Chicago criminal. Obama’s the Antichrist aka “The Abomination” (i.e. gay – homosexual – which is *sad* and NOT so-called “gay”.), the abominable Beast. So figure… the “Beast” Obama, aka the Antichrist is handsome (sic!) to the politically tainted glasses of the Islam-Leftist crappy New Antisemites. Their politically tainted glasses are smeared with crap. Brownstains.

    I’d like you to look at this interesting video by a good Finnish guy Young Yoda. I’ve appraising him about the news that Obama’s real name has been revealed. It’s “Barry Parks”.

    Did you see that Amir Peretz of the Israeli Left Party has joined Netanyahu’s new gov.

    …”Labor’s Peretz and Shmuli on the way to unity government – reports
    The Times of Israel
    12 hours ago”…..

    That’s the signal of the Apocalypse. That’s when the Messiah comes. That’s the sign the Jews are gathering to push back on the Muslims that threaten Israel by their alliance with Gantz that’s fallen through. The Jews have pushed back the Muslims inside Israel that threatened the Jewish State.

    The signal of the Messiah’s coming has come. Batten down all the hatches!

  5. “The Mad Jewess said:March 28, 2020 at 1:32 PM
    Well, lots of ppl think the AC will be handsome. Maybe Obama is a pre cursor.”

    Hey Mad,

    Yes, Obama’s not handsome he’s the abominable Beast of the Bible. Aka the Antichrist….

    The signal of the Messiah’s coming has come. Batten down all the hatches!

  6. Obama an antichrist extraordinaire could indeed be the one! Once thought it indeed was him and still may be him. The dilemma is israeli jews will never fall for obama. I suspect biden has an obama voice earpiece. But trump became for me the front runner. As the jab father and destroyer of souls, trump remains prime candidate for son of perdition. But that now means trump would need to return to power to continue 42 months. That means not jan 20 2025 but july 2021. How could trump come back in power this year? Seems improbable but not impossible. There are a few ways. I also look at another son of perdition candidate this year- netanyahu- the co jab jabber with trump. Nations coming to netanyahu to get help to jab like he gets it done. And its all very fluid. God said he would do a Strange and Quick work. Once enough jabbed and then when 5g 6g turned on world wide from ground antenna and satellite beams, and people become bioligical ai robots, ( those still alive), the jabbed masses will love perditions son, trump, obama, netanyahu. So yes, the jab does enable obama to be the one, even for israelis. Really think much of the unjabbed will know who it is later this year.

  7. Stive,
    I have always thought he was ‘the one’.
    He is reprobate, blasphemous and thinks he is God.
    Of course, the bible says that a whole ‘club’ of these aholes will all be ‘in it’ together.
    Anyone that helps that vaxx has REAL issues

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