Where Are #Coronavirus Patients? They Dont Seem To Be In The Empty Hospitals

Surfing the net, someone advised me to take a look at the ’empty hospitals’ void of people dying or sick.  The Media has told us its like a ‘war zone’ at the NYC hospitals.. I was curious.. So, I checked it out myself.

  • In Germany: 


  • In Ireland, this citizen cant seem to find anyone there either:

  • Jason Goodman- NYC Man Searches NYC Hospital for CV-19 Patients, Can’t Find Any??
    “It’s odd that in a city as big as NYC, in the midst of a pandemic, a key hospital looks quiet and employees haven’t seen any victims”


I believe that many people out there DO have this virus…but I believe that the media in the west has hyped the virus  into a FAKE drama movie. 

The Leftists are holding the whole nation captive…..just because they don’t want Trump as Prez.  These bastards have destroyed the economy and tanked the stock market..People are out of work, cant get their basic needs, we’re under partial Martial Law and the US GOVT just stole 1 trillion plus bux from the American taxpayers.  What will Trump do about this fake insanity? Nothing.  


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