Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

Snitches Should Be SHUNNED By Society

The Communist, piece of garbage, FAKE Italian, Mayor Garcetti of L.A. thinks snitches will get rewards…. Maybe by the government but NOT by society….

When I grew up, if a person was caught ‘snitching’, that person was totally outcast, beaten up,  treated like a piece of garbage and was NEVER trusted.  If you have reason to believe that someone has snitched on you or any of your friends, do NOT go near that person.  Give that person dirty looks.  Stay far away.  Mock that person, laugh at that person and give that person that mark of the squealer if you happen to be accosted by the snitch.

Any person willing to call the cops over a mask or gloves or whatever should absolutely be shunned.  

How can you find out if a person is a snitch.  Thankfully, most Leftist fascist statists are ugly, smelly, disgusting, wear shitty clothes, have filthy demeanors and have the ‘coexist’ stickers.  If you detect a snitch, do NOT just ‘let it go’….  Call it out. Shame that person IN REAL LIFE.  Nevermind the social media stupidity. We’re in a WAR now.


DESTROY THAT Snitch:  MOCK the talebearer, SPIT around them, Loudly CALL THEM SNITCHES AND RATS.

A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:

A Cuban Speaks: If Your Govt Tells You Where You Can/Cannot Go & What To Wear:


How the hell should I know?: If it quacks like a duck...

A woman who fled Cuba to come to the U.S. gives her perspective on the current situation with lockdowns etc;

I have said this before and I will say it again. I am Cuban, born and raised in Miami Florida , the great United States of America.

If you are standing in line, waiting for toilet paper and rations of your food, and your government is telling you what businesses can and cannot operate..

If your government is telling you where you can and cannot go to, travel to, (what to wear)and move about freely …

If the media is exploiting and exaggerating a common virus that is 97% survivable, and the majority of the people are being herded like sheep…

Then you are taking part in the beginning of Socialism.  Socialism becomes Communism, Communism becomes dictatorship, and dictatorship eventually and always leads to genocide…

Do not take my word for it and do the research yourself. Nowhere in history has socialism ever succeeded.    Today, in 2020, Venezuelan government is killing their own people on the streets. It happened in Cuba, it happened in China, it happened in Russia, it happens today in North Korea…

I challenge anyone to change my mind on this.”

-An American from  CUBA

Last Days Of Winter


I made this one today… I really am discombobulated with everything.  I dont even know what day it is half the time.  The world is a total mess and many times I think my dreams and visions are playing out in real time.  

I think we will have a short reprieve for the summer.  It will be enough to get people moving and getting ready… I hope.  Whats coming ahead will be awful.  I can feel it in my bones 😦

Message To #MichaelSavage Re #Covid19: MOVE ON!!

Message To #MichaelSavage Re #Covid19: MOVE ON!!

Yep, I totally believe that the D party worked with China and released this virus. Absolutely. The globalists just want Trump OUT. Especially China bec of the tariffs.

Savage: MOVE ON.  The Super Depression coming is by FAR WORSE than this virus.

*BLOOPER*: I dont ‘know‘ Michael’. Ive just been listening to him for 30 years.

Ted Noiz Talks: The Globalists “Trump” TRUMP:

Ted Noiz Talks: The Globalists “Trump” TRUMP:

Authored by my Radio bitchute buddy, TED NOIZ:

A Pale Horse Named Death - When The World Becomes Undone (Full ...

Everything put in place by the globalists Trumps Trump.

The president and leaders of other countries are becoming more and more irrelevant. Those who meet in secret, the real powers, the Bill Gates of the world, the Oprah Winfreys, the Jeff Bezos, and all the powerful players whose faces we never see are growing in power with every day that passes. The nation states become more and more irrelevant. With things like the Coronvirus, obviously deliberately contrived and implemented up on the entire world by the power elites (Trump is obviously not part of their club), the money powers (those who create the fiat currencies and control the values thereof), the World Government now starting to take shape (the CEOs, e.g., Bill Gates, etc. who, just before they hit us with Corona, stepped down from their positions, are about to take place on the world stage as political leaders and shapers in the new order of things). They are breaking all the rules behind the scenes and tearing everything down to make way for the new leaders to take the reins of power.

War is coming. Big war.

Soon, elections will be meaningless. They practically already are.  Soon it will not matter in the slightest who is the president. The nations will be brought to their knees and will bow to the world government coming soon. They will have no choice. They are controlled and destroyed by powers they cannot see and cannot control.

The globalists will keep coming and will hit us with whatever it takes to get the submission they need to rule all. They are winning spectacularly. And no one is the wiser. No one really understands what is going on here and they don’t want to. They want someone to care for them and give them free stuff and tell them everything will be all right. And they’re getting it. This is why you see now the rise of the snitch and those being encouraged to snitch. Those who snitch believe those who tell the truth are the real threat, not those leaders who promise them the world and never deliver.

Hell is coming. “Behold the pale horse, and his name that sat on him was, Death.” It’s coming.


The news certainly wont tell you the truth about the planned FUBAR.   Trump isnt telling the truth, either.  Our world has been DESTROYED.   Courtesy of the DEMOCRAT Party with their fascistic, bully mentality… add our ‘precious’ (puke) GOP governors who went right along with the unConstitutional lockdown.