Discussion On #EconomicCollapse & #HousingMarket

Discussion On #EconomicCollapse & #HousingMarket

Im with David, my hubby.   Ive probably gained 15 friggin pounds being cooped up and our YMCA gym closed.  

7 thoughts on “Discussion On #EconomicCollapse & #HousingMarket

  1. Pauli, are you allowed to go for walks? That will help you with cabin fever and will help you shed some pounds. Thanks for the video. It looks like economic collapse has finally hit. I hope President Trump can save our asses. Just think how much worse things would be if the Hiildabeast got in

  2. I’ll try to get out tomorrow. Ive gained at least 12-15 lbs.
    Im gonna start taking my apple cider vinegar again before bed to help me. This type shit just depresses me.
    Ty for coming by 😀

  3. Nice 2 C U guys! Agree totally. Feel so bad for the kids. . . . Mine especially for reasons not to be put here.

  4. OK Imagonnavent here. . . . My husband has CHF. Amongst his many other conditions he has an unknown undiagnosed liquid bowel problem. (He is always trying to calm it down with bread and crackers which is bad for his diabetes. ) Anyways his doctor prescribed an Rx that calmed the gastrointestinal situation significantly on most days. We left that doctor because he screamed and tried to keep hubby on an Rx with too many dangerous side effects. A new doctor is trying to stop the Rx that stops the butt accidents. So we have a mess. So when I go to multiple stores week after week and find no TP, no soap, no bleach and no gloves for my now compromised hands and I haven’t heard a peep about my government addressing this? I no longer believe that this is hoarding. I believe that this is absolutely intentional. And those internet ads that pop-up saying they have TP @ $3 per roll? Yeah, I don’t believe them either.

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