I Just Do NOT Understand These Empty Hospitals, #FilmYourHospital

I Just Do NOT Understand These Empty Hospitals, #FilmYourHospital

I don’t understand it.  The refute to thousands of videos is ‘Of course the hospitals are empty because the patients are inside and there are no people allowed there.’   But, as you watch these videos, there is a LOT bigger problem than the obvious empty hospitals…also empty tents that the media says are packed with lines, etc..

Watch it all the way thru:

So, please….someone explain to me just why all these things are going on in these videos.  There has to be a reason few to no people are at the hospitals, let alone workers.  

My best friend lives in a town of 600K people in Central CA.  She works in a large hospital.  Half of the staff have been laid off.  She says the hospital is EMPTY inside and they have had 6 supposed Covid patients.  In a town of 600K.  

As far as we know, the CDC has issued some mandate that they want all dead people in hospitals to be registered on their death certificates as “COVID” even if they did NOT die of COVID….So, the numbers are being completely hyped.

5 thoughts on “I Just Do NOT Understand These Empty Hospitals, #FilmYourHospital

  1. What about Italy? There’s no phone cell there? Didn’t anybody went to that country to film even one hospital?

  2. There are some vids on YT and at #FlimYourHospital where people have gotten inside and, with hidden cams taken footage. There’s nothing going on inside either. Empty work stations, hallways, reception areas. It is all so strange, indeed.

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