Tyranny 666: #Covid19 Badges

We’re beyond the point of NO return.  Stock up on feed/non perishables.  Learn to survive.

2 thoughts on “Tyranny 666: #Covid19 Badges

  1. I think the government-mandated arm bands for people shopping stores is a type and shadow of the orange stars the Jewish People were forced to wear as a result of the infamous “Selection” process in Germany in the 1940s era. There are also some people demanding that Christians who attend services inside their buildings wear a large yellow cross. The claim is that the arm bands and the crosses are intended to let other people know who might have been infected with the virus. So, if you see a yellow cross or an arm band, steer clear of that person. I believe that this marking is only a prelude to something even more egregious and potentially horrifying … I mean, after all, the hospitals have already begun deciding who is to get ventilators and who is not based on age and other selectivity factors … and there was even one proposal to refuse ventilation to mentally handicapped individuals such as those suffering from such ailments as Down Syndrome. I think we are on the edge of realizing the New World Order … Orwellian style.

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