Ted Noiz Talks: The Globalists “Trump” TRUMP:

Ted Noiz Talks: The Globalists “Trump” TRUMP:

Authored by my Radio bitchute buddy, TED NOIZ:

A Pale Horse Named Death - When The World Becomes Undone (Full ...

Everything put in place by the globalists Trumps Trump.

The president and leaders of other countries are becoming more and more irrelevant. Those who meet in secret, the real powers, the Bill Gates of the world, the Oprah Winfreys, the Jeff Bezos, and all the powerful players whose faces we never see are growing in power with every day that passes. The nation states become more and more irrelevant. With things like the Coronvirus, obviously deliberately contrived and implemented up on the entire world by the power elites (Trump is obviously not part of their club), the money powers (those who create the fiat currencies and control the values thereof), the World Government now starting to take shape (the CEOs, e.g., Bill Gates, etc. who, just before they hit us with Corona, stepped down from their positions, are about to take place on the world stage as political leaders and shapers in the new order of things). They are breaking all the rules behind the scenes and tearing everything down to make way for the new leaders to take the reins of power.

War is coming. Big war.

Soon, elections will be meaningless. They practically already are.  Soon it will not matter in the slightest who is the president. The nations will be brought to their knees and will bow to the world government coming soon. They will have no choice. They are controlled and destroyed by powers they cannot see and cannot control.

The globalists will keep coming and will hit us with whatever it takes to get the submission they need to rule all. They are winning spectacularly. And no one is the wiser. No one really understands what is going on here and they don’t want to. They want someone to care for them and give them free stuff and tell them everything will be all right. And they’re getting it. This is why you see now the rise of the snitch and those being encouraged to snitch. Those who snitch believe those who tell the truth are the real threat, not those leaders who promise them the world and never deliver.

Hell is coming. “Behold the pale horse, and his name that sat on him was, Death.” It’s coming.

5 thoughts on “Ted Noiz Talks: The Globalists “Trump” TRUMP:

  1. Yep. The evil cabal has succeeded in jabbing 50% of israelis over age 60. Succeeded in jabbing almost all disabled. Suddenly a shortage of jab protein for the rest for a few weeks and total lockdown any moment. That man adolph in berlin started with same groups. I smell rats.

  2. Part of the problem is this side of the world , majority hail from strong leader culture. You just obey the leader. America was opposite with obedience to a system of checks and balances rather than one strong man. Thats why america is so sad as the system is broken and too many trust and obey on either side in these times. Israel has resisters but its a new thing in its infancy. Our leader is widely opposed now but on medical still trusted. Hes going down in election unless iran gets hit and he will play hero or jabbed will be programmed to vote a certain way?. Thats still theoretical but might be actual. There is a lot to say here but too long for now. So much wealth of info you put out. Trully amazing. Wouldnt have time for utube now anyway! Just trying to stay unjabbed and untested pale face to the end.

  3. Ted noiz is good piece. But i do not think trump is not part of the swamp. The swamp has divisions with some common goals and other areas that are opposite. Each division wants to be top dog and thus work together and war with each other at same time. At this juncture- trump really won and i want his win to be reality simply because that is right. And the demoncraps will be hell on earth. With trump, get him in second term and then rally against him till he stops the jab emergency is best bet.

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