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Solzhenitsyn: ‘Removal Of Law Enforcement Is An Old Communist Tactic’

Solzhenitsyn: ‘Removal Of Law Enforcement Is An Old Communist Tactic

No sane federal or state government rids itself of law.  Of course, Communists are not sane. They are demoniac.

You must understand that America hating Communist pigs are planning wide spread revolution in November which is why they are attacking the Police.. 

From Tim Shey’s:


YES! Armed Veterans Guard War Memorial Around-The-Clock In Tennessee

YES! Armed Veterans Guard War Memorial Around-the-Clock in Tennessee

God bless these men:   Todd Starnes is also reporting on this story.

This is fantastic news for a change!!

“A show of force can be a very powerful deterrent. We’re not here to fight, unless we have to,” Veteran Keith Sikora told television station WKRN.

Southern, Pro-Confederate Black Man Angry R. E. Lee Statue Is Gone:

Black Pro-Confederate Man Angry R. E. Lee Statue Is Gone

Of course he is very angry.  Its his culture being a southerner.  And, also being a southerner who knows his history.  Not the Pinko, Commie, “Progressive” hogwash about how the South was evil, Confederates are bad and the North was great.  Because that’s pretty much what ya learn in the Yankee states.  They teach nothing about Lincolns Marxists.

CLICK:   Real Life ‘Uncle Ruckus’ Mad Asf About The Removal Of Robert E. Lee Statue At Baltimore Museum Of Art!

Lots of black Southerners are pro Confederate.

South Carolina Tragedy Sparks Confederate Flag Debate: Is It Time To Retire This Symbol From ...

Ants & Grasshoppers: Visual Quiz-- Confederate Flag: Yes or No

Sons of Confederate Veterans: Black Confederate Soldier to Be Honored

White Supremacist Male Hitting & Intimidating Black Male

White Supremacist Male Hitting & Intimidating Black Male

Just another Leftist, white terrorist..


Terrible…. this intimidating, Pro BLM, Commie bully is intimidating and beating this black male for cleaning his neighborhood:

HAT TIP – America’s Voice News

USA National Coin Shortage Forcing Customers Pay W/ Exact Change Or C. Card Only

USA National Coin Shortage Forcing Customers Pay W/ Exact Change/C. Card Only

End Times Headlines reports that there are several states where this is happening. A LOT is not being told by the lying, Communist MSM about the state of the nation.  This is happening in NY, Pennsylvania and Michigan:  National Coin Shortage Forcing Customers To Pay With Exact Change or Card Only

I Believe Even Worse Mass Chaos Is Going To Break Out In 5 Months

This Christian Pastor had a dream and in the dream he warned that there is going to come a coin shortage.  Looks like its already happening and he is correct:

綺麗な 日本人 Beautiful Japanese

My digi-art for the day.  I’m giving Japanese people a heads up 🙂

We don’t have a Japanese month in America that I know of.  Why don’t we ever bring to light the pretty Japanese?  I love Japanese people (except this idiot named Brian Akira).  

I love their Geisha ladies, their food, their cherry blossom trees and love for flowers.  They are skilled in the art of war and military tactics and they are very honorable people.   Did you know the Japanese people gave America all of the cherry trees surrounding the Jefferson monument? 

Cherry Blossom Season in Washington D.C. | Tours4fun

Their architecture is amazing.  They make beautiful silks and stunning collectibles for the home.  The cars they sell to us are fabulous and run for many years. Outstanding Kabuki theater and great restaurants.

When I worked at the Wharf in Monterey in the 1980’s, I waited on about 300 Japanese people a day.  They would come in huge tour groups.  They made the restaurant I worked at very rich and famous.

A Look at Geisha's | The Online Anime Store

You never see a Japanese person in America complaining that they need more welfare, foodstamps, EBT, housing, etc.  You won’t ever see a Japanese person screaming for wealth equality.

Most decorated unit in U.S. history fought for a country that didn’t accept them | NORIO HAYAKAWA

Let’s not forget the 442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) during WW2, either.  They won more metals than any other regiment during WW2 and took very heavy casualties.

Who could not love Mr. Miagi, Pat Morita?

I just wanted to shout out to the Japanese American people and Japanese people in general.  

God bless you and thank you for your contribution to society and civilization.


A group of Samurai or Japanese warriors with their ancient arms ...

Communist MSM Pissed Off That Mr/Mrs. McCloskey Were Not Beaten Or Murdered In Their PRIVATE Neighborhood.

Communist MSM Pissed Off That Mr/Mrs. McCloskey Were Not Beaten Or Murdered In Their PRIVATE Neighborhood.

The Communist main stream media is very upset that this boomer, white couple stood their ground against Soros/Obama paid insurrectionists.  This was a bad situation and I thank God for these people that it didn’t get worse.  This was a PRIVATE neighborhood.  These spoiled, rotten, smelly, Communist, filthy pigs had NO right to be in that neighborhood… But, then again, we’re in a war and those bastards will go anywhere they please and you all should remember this and never forget.  Who knows if these insurrectionists were not planning to burn down the neighborhood?

The ‘protesters’ (Violent, Communist bastards) were en route to Mayor Lyda Krewson’s home to demand her resignation after she released the names and addresses of residents who had suggested defunding the police department.   They had broken their way into the gated community where the McCloskeys live.

See…The Left does not like it when THEY get doxed.  They only like it when YOU get doxed.

You should see the news sticking up for these rotten terrorist kids and you can bet your bottom dollar, leftists wanted these people to just sit down, shut up, stay inside as the scum were trespassing and maybe ready to burn the place.   Prosecutors are looking into it even being ‘legal’.    What a crock of crap!   Their neighborhood is PRIVATE.   This couple probably had NO idea what these maggots were doing there.  They were probably scared to death after watching these pigs burn most cities in the United States.  They did what they had to do.  Suck it up you sick Communist filth.  

Read more at The Daily  Mail

St. Louis Circuit Attorney Threatens to Take Action Against Couple Who Protected Home Against Protest Mob on Private Street

Of course, her being a Liberal, half black woman has NO sense of justice because her skin color comes first.

My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos. & Our Statement Re. Russia/Ukraine

My Prophetic Type Dreams Of Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos From 2009-2020, The Mad Jewess

God is my church, God is my synagogue.  Im not anyone special. I just have very apocalyptic dreams of warnings to America.  Im not a ‘religious’ person, per se.  Not a ‘religious’ Jew or a ‘religious’ Christian.  Im not into religion.  I am into GOD.  I believe in the Torah, Tanakh and the New Testament.  The words in the holy Bible of the prophets, Moses, Isaiah, Jesus of Nazareth, the apostles and the book of revelation are the truth and I believe it ALL.

At any rate-I  do believe that Barack Obama is definitely not finished in the political scene.  So,  I believe…it could be in the near future that Obama will possibly be in charge of the UN.  Obama is AN anti Christ. 

Dreams that have come to pass in this search:

Dreams from 2009-2020 in no sequential order.

* 2 Prophetic Dreams: 1 Of Revelation 8 & Another Of MILLIONS Of Fireballs From The Sky: All-Out Assault From Heaven Against Earth

* Recent Prophetic Dreams: Tsunami, MASSIVE Quake, The Reaper Is Coming, Satan’s “Rapture”, Lightening Storms

May 24, 2020  Dream Of Coyotes Turning Into Wolves…Wolves Turning Into Bears:

Sun Jan 22, 2012:   Dream I had of England Invaded

Sunday, Jun 12, 2011:  Prophetic, Horrible Dream I had: Asian (CHINESE) Troop Invasion Of The United States Of America

Wednesday, Jun 1, 2011:   Another HORRIBLE Prophetic Dream I Had: ROCKETS ALL OVER AMERICA

Sat. May 7th 2011:   Another Horrible Dream I Had of a volcano in the sky

Friday, April 8th, 2011:  HORRIBLE DREAM I Had Early This AM~Tidal Waves

, invading armies on our land.

Monday, March 14,  2011:  Dream I had about a coming insurrection

Wed Jan 20,  2020:   Apocalyptic Dream I Had About Las Vegas. Under water, Sea of debt.  Is It Coming To Pass?

Feb 2020. Posted in June:  “The Bowls Are Filled To Over-Flowing” Prophetic Dream About America

JULY 2020:  Prophetic Dream This AM @ 4:30: Rockets In The Pacific-Northwest, American Skies

There are a few more on my FB Page.  I will post them later.  Here is a confirmation of different invasions from another blog: “Invasions are upon you”

This is a Prophetic, cyber friend of mine for years, Tim Shey His blog, “Hitchhike Across America” 

Many prophetic words are here:

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