Communist, Garbage-Faced Scalawag, VA Gov Northam Removing R. E. Lee Statue:

Communist Scalawag, VA Gov Northam Removing Lee Statue:


This absolute, ugly piece of undereducated  Communist filth is removing a statue of R E Lee.  

When I visited Westpoint, R E Lee was a most admired man and was loved by Confederate and Yankee alike.   But, Northam the dirtbag would not know this because he is a Communist slug who should be thrown into the sea.  Should be hanged from the highest fleet in the USNavy.  

Removing history is what fascists, Nazis and Communists do.  Why?  Because they are bottom-feeding, pond scum and pigs.  Thats why.  

A statue is hurting NOBODY in the present day and all it is doing is creating bad feelings between people…But, that’s what the Communist “Progressive” monsters want.

See this garbage


[ skaluh-wag ]
a scamp; rascal.
U.S. History. a native white Southerner who collaborated with the occupying forces during Reconstruction, often for personal gain.
In other words: Pure crap.

3 thoughts on “Communist, Garbage-Faced Scalawag, VA Gov Northam Removing R. E. Lee Statue:

  1. Confederate soldiers, who gave their lives for their country, must be rolling in their graves right now.

    I hope all is well with you Mad Jewess.

  2. No, Im not well. This is distressing.
    You ok?
    I gotta finally get to bed. The nation has gone insane😢

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