It’s Looking Like Russia’s Red October In America

It’s Looking Like Russia’s Red October In America

Ya know…I’m not anti Russia at all. In fact I love Russia and it’s people and feel indebted to their help in WW2.    I read an article where both Russia and China  are celebrating our demise.  I get why countries outside would celebrate our demise because we have changed regimes in country after country for oil. Not for ‘protection’ of small countries but for OIL.  And, that is repulsive and wrong and I have said so for over a decade on this website.

The first real successful and completed Communist revolution happened in Russia and it is Russian Bolshevik ‘ideals’ that has brought us where we are today in America.   Russia was under Communism for many decades.  It was Nikita Khruschev who stated that “We will bring America down without a shot being fired”.  Well, he was wrong.  Shots are being fired and America is burning.  

  This is Russian Communism, folks.  Russia is a much freer country, now.  But, you WERE where we are now, Russia.  

These are anti Red Posters of the Bolsheviks looting Russian peasants homes and small businesses–just as we see in USA today:


The Bolsheviks killing the Tsar-Traditional Loyalists, aka Conservatives:


Bolsheviks “Citizens, give us your weapons”, aka Gun control as we see in USA today.


Bolsheviks smashing the church/God:


We ARE where the Russian people were right before the complete takeover of the Russian government.  Laughing at demise of Conservative and Traditional people is not right or good.  IF the Left takes charge again, it will be hell on earth.  

So, instead, let us pray that this does not happen.  

We can handle this destruction in the states — and will.  But the WORLD cannot handle another Obama style regime.

13 thoughts on “It’s Looking Like Russia’s Red October In America

  1. Sorry beg to differ. The Czar ordered the army to shoot protestors, killing several thousands!!! The President has only threatened to call in the Army. So no, the two cases share no comparison. Majored at Texas A&M in Soviet history, specifically the foreign policy between the two World Wars. Obviously this does not make me an expert upon the subject. Still the brutality of the Czar against the peasants who protested the slow progress of the land reforms … only in the 1860s did Czar Alexander terminate Russia’s feudalism based agricultural economy. The necessary decision, when confronted by the Western industrial revolution, it undermined Russia’s feudal aristocracy – the backbone of Czarist Autocracy.

    America has a long violent history of race riots. The 1992 Rodney King Californian race riots, and the race riots after Washington assassinated Martin Luther King come immediately to mind.

  2. Good commentary; just remember, Russia had a non aggression pact with Germany. Part of the Axis until Germany attacked in June of ’41, they were only de-facto allies.

  3. Yes, the non aggression pact. Have you been doing ok?
    Guess Im depressed over the nation going to pot. Sick and sad

  4. We’ve got Christ, so don’t be too depressed. I’m ok, my occupation -and my assignment- are considered “essential” so I am unaffected by the overt and unconstitutional acrions being imposed. That so many are just accepting this is depressing. (check out my latest post)
    Recall that as His return approaches, the times will wax worse. You might want to peruse posts under “Christian Viewpoint; I made this one in Aug 2018:

  5. The replies here ALWAYS vanish! What happened to the old wordpress?

  6. They’ve imposed their “improved” editor -which I hate- despite my having bookmarked the old dashboard. To be able to use the old one, in their new editor, in the upper right corner, you have to click on the ‘. . .’ settings icon in the upper right corner of the editing screen.

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