Dream Last Night Of Being On board The Titanic, (Updated With Interpretation)

Dream Last Night Of Being On board The Titanic

I made this today to fit the dream

The dream is that  I was on the titanic last night. It was beautiful. Gorgeous clothes, beautiful antiques and dolls. Plush rooms. I looked so pretty, too.  The wood that comprised inside the ship was so beautiful. The rooms were tiny like in a Victorian home.  Little wood cubbies everywhere.
AND…My clothes were so lovely. I was situated in a room that was like a boudoir. I went to put perfume on and even the perfume bottle was from the 1900’s.  The perfume even smelled like a scent from that day.  The jacket I had was so flowy and stunning… and my hair!  BIG FAT Gibson Girl hair!  

Like this:

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I was even talking to Jack from the movie, lol.  I was flirting with him.  I looked up at the clock and knew that I didnt have very long.  I know this in my spirit.  I had to tell a few people how much I loved and adored them before the sinking would happen.
All I could think was ‘this is so beautiful’.  Inwardly, I knew this ship was going down.  I didnt want to believe it was going down. Because it was all so wonderful…

AND, I loved looking like a Grand Lady.
Then it hit the iceberg, and down we were going.   I was astonished at this because I kept saying: Its not April 14!!  Too early! Too early!  But, down it started going.   I woke up  😦

This dream has an interpretation and I have the interpretation but I am tired.  I’ll add to this in the morning.


InterpretationAmerica is the Titanic.  It’s going down. Its just a matter of time.  In my dream, it was only the 12th of April when the titanic (in my dream) went down.  The significance of this is the fact that America is going down sooner rather than later.  Titanic sunk April 14th.  Not the 12th.  Things are going to be speeded-up, also.  


Thats as much interpretation I have right now.  I’ll have more as time goes on Im sure.

10 thoughts on “Dream Last Night Of Being On board The Titanic, (Updated With Interpretation)

  1. Liked your perspective; as far as the U.S. going down, yes. And most of the public is walking around in a stupor.
    While listening to you I suspect there was a wry smile on my face… hope you don’t use Google – that is trusting the fox to guard the henhouse. (Type Google in my search box) We’re living George Orwell; the technology folks are so enamored with by itself is benign, but evil in high places controls it. Cover that webcam when you’re not using it to make a video. As for dreams –
    You had what American writer Ursula K. Le Guin would call an “effective dream” except you woke up without having events changed as a result.
    [Read The Lathe of Heaven to understand that term]
    I seldom refer to myself except in obique terms because the good ship Americaa slipped its moorings long ago. I do not provide a profile anywhere on the web, my blog profiles if any, are statements of where I stand, not details of my life, or a picture. (can you say facial recognition technology?)
    Folks are in a state of denial; some of us are alert, however, too many scoff and ignore the truth at their own peril.
    Given that you don’t use Gmail, I can be more forthcoming via a persona;l e-mail. Later, “X”

  2. It is not just The United States that is going down dear soul, it is the entire world that is going to succumb to things like the coronavirus and all the viruses that are yet to come because people are to ignorant or too selfish to follow the safety rules to protect themselves and others in a pandemic. This is a cyclic apocolyptic event that will purge civilization as we know it and begin a new era of human existence.

  3. I hear ya, John.
    I am a homebody, rarely go out that much anymore bec I have tinnitus 😦

  4. But your beauty never fades … I have been watching your videos …You and David are still among the most “Real” people I have ever encountered ….Both of you are refreshing to the soul for your honesty and integrity.

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