#BlueFlu Atlanta-Hundreds Of Cops Walking Off Jobs Thx To #BLM & #CommieCrats

#BlueFlu: Hundreds Of CopsWalking Off Jobs Thx To #BLM & #CommieCrats
This is in Atlanta…but, its happening all over the nation.

It’s called the Blue Flu….I’d walk off too.  Basically, the filthy, dirty, disgusting rat Democrats, you can add Trump as well with his ‘reform the police’ order… have totally lowered the morale of the Police, nationally..

Anyone thats ‘in the know’ understands what the Police have to deal with in the inner cities.  Sure, there are always bad cops. Yep.  But all?  Nope.


Read it here……..https://www.toddstarnes.com/crime/blue-flu-atlanta-police-officers-are-walking-off-job-sources-say/?utm_source=facebook&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=social-pug&fbclid=IwAR0av4mCtx-I56F_oYrNgR7kghT5Oo7c93RhJnzBT3DwnB4UNGwEqJu3CZc

6 thoughts on “#BlueFlu Atlanta-Hundreds Of Cops Walking Off Jobs Thx To #BLM & #CommieCrats

  1. It’s wrong for police to strike. The jobs they hold are too important to the public to be withheld in a political dispute. If you don’t like what the protesters are saying, you can’t endanger public safety to get them to change. If a Atlanta police don’t like the charges brought by the DA, they can’t stop patrolling until he changes his mind. The people hurt by police strikes are innocent. They paid for a public service that they are not getting. Why? Because the person they paid is using them as a political football. Police are better than this.

  2. The police cars have been blown up all over the country by the violent ‘protesters’. The Police having to police these areas are the ones under fire.
    When the police have to fight for their own lives against violent, psychopathic leftists and rioters and they cannot fight to preserve THEIR lives, they need to not show up.
    These are not ‘protesters’. They are terrorists and the current president labeled them a domestic terrorist org.

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