#BlackLivesMatter Blackface Hitler. Lol.

#BlackLivesMatter Blackface Hitler. Lol.

Czech’s photoshopped this..They would know. The BLM acts like Nazis. Hell, they act way worse.

D315A4E1-B708-4365-ACBA-110327211A52This Tweeter was not amused…

Here’s the story,   https://sputniknews.com/europe/202006211079681841-afro-hitler-magazine-cover-causes-controversy-amid-black-lives-matter-protests/

2 thoughts on “#BlackLivesMatter Blackface Hitler. Lol.

  1. Looks exactly right to me. Today we have many many slaves in the US. They’re the people of all races who work for not enough to live on. In recent years we have experienced that no matter what items we buy on time and we make timely payments – these transactions are NEVER allowed to build our credit. So we’re stuck with always the highest interest rates. Special populations are allowed to be exempted from this form of slavery – this is a big reason why people are angry. We even have nightmares about this. I can’t get with something that is past. Too many NOW problems.

    Too many of us have been called racist over the decades for the stupidest reasons. One of the most disgusting was repeatedly being called racist because I refused sex with a black man. This is why so many of us are immune and won’t budge. It’s been overused. Combined with their own refusal to admit their warts and pimples. It’s just not going to happen.

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