Huckabee: #COMMUNIST ‘Leftists’ Are MUCH Worse Than Islamic Terrorists

Huckabee: #COMMUNIST Leftists Are MUCH Worse Than Islamic Terrorists

Today, Huckabee said:   “These Crazy People on the Left Are Becoming Like Islamic Terrorists”

1. First off, they are NOT ‘crazy’.  They are zealous for Communism.  They very much have their wits about them and Communism is their religion.  People will die for their religion, Huckabee.


2. The over dramatization of Conservatives and Islam has been breathtaking to watch for 2 decades, in my opinion.  While it is true that Islamic terrorists are horrible, they really have nothing on the Communists in modern history in the USA and abroad.  For the last 50 years, the Communist, aka “Liberals” have done nothing but destroy this nation.  Much worse than Islam.  If it were not for the Communists, there would be no Islam in USA.  FACT.  So, blame the symptom all you want but the root of every societal issue in America is COMMUNISTS and their COMMUNISM.



  • In USA:  Communist, aka “liberals” have openly lobbied for open borders since the early 1990’s.  As a result, hundreds of thousands of American citizens have been murdered by  Illegal Aliens.



  • Dissident blog of the Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation made an effort to compile updated ranges of estimates and concluded that the overall range “spans from 42,870,000 to 161,990,000” murdered, with 100 million the most commonly cited figure.



Almost every school shooting or mass shooting has been carried out by a radical COMMUNIST Leftist.

Sorry, Huckabee…you are WRONG.  You are also wrong in naming these animals “Leftists”.  


If We Can’t Name Enemies (COMMUNISTS), No Defense Is Possible.


7 thoughts on “Huckabee: #COMMUNIST ‘Leftists’ Are MUCH Worse Than Islamic Terrorists

  1. Expected you to take longer breather. Hubby was saying how grateful he is to not live in certain places and I told him – soon as the weather cools. Today I saw a warning right down the street. Someone pasted a benign appearing MLK quote on a transformer box at corner. Election signs are all over so perhaps not noticed. These cities in AZ are very strict about people putting up flyers etc. It’s not allowed. Yep coming to a neighborhood near you. And if you ain’t black they’ll consider you white. Which has happened to my husband a lot in the last year or so. No respect or knowledge of the suffering of other non-white people during their lifetimes. Tryna make an accident/incident with his medical scooter while shopping. So I guess it’ll be the African-Mexican wars here cuz we have LOTS of Mexicans and the militant blacks hate them. What a mess. Today hubby carried Taser just 2 go 2 doctor. He is 80. Plenty of people have plenty of racism pain and they aren’t black. A relative spoke of going to school every day with a first cousin in the same class but they never spoke cuz she was inferior due to her mixed blood. She passes. Mexicans are racist to her because to them she doesn’t look Mexican. But then she opens her mouth and lets them have it. She thinks Mexicans are the most racist people on the planet and she identifies as Mexican. There’s a whole lot of mixed people here and many times you can’t tell what you are looking at even if you are 80 and spent your life here. I have been through alot of crime cuz of my skin color – white. But white people don’t accept me as theirs. What a screwed up world.

  2. How awful Koo.
    I came back early because now I am on a bunch of new meds 😦
    So, I guess I was just bored and allowing meds to take their time.
    Nobody likes anyone anymore

  3. Savage man says GO TO CHURCH! All these obituaries of these racists say what good Christians they were. In my own family I was once wealthy, having a cemetery plot from each side of the family. (Different religions) As the founders passed and entrusted the cemetery operation to their church it turned out that we were determined to not be good enough to be buried in the plots that our ancestors set aside for us and those plots were sold to others. So no Savage man, I will NOT be going to any church. They are part of the problem.

  4. Yes I am from the tri-state area. Knew of just about everyone in the movie “Reds.” Every obituary from people I knew wants a donation to the SPLC or ACLU. I remember having the epiphany about McCarthy. My world became inside out. Thanks for internet I am not alone & can learn from others with more time to devote. Yes, you ; )

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