2020: I Believe Even Worse Mass Chaos Is Going To Break Out In 5 Months:

2020: I Believe Even Worse Mass Chaos Is Going To Break Out In 5 Months:

I believe that God showed me in my heart  by November, this nation is going to break out into mass chaos worse than what we’ve seen.    So, get ready, be prepared.  

Here is my video and the one below is a Christian Pastor who accurately described in December what was going to happen in March 2020 and it happened as he described.


Here is the Pastor:


7 thoughts on “2020: I Believe Even Worse Mass Chaos Is Going To Break Out In 5 Months:

  1. Thank you, Pauli. I think you’re right, that things will continue to get worse. Get “survival food” from an online retailer. I think a water generator is also critical (here is one: https://aquaviable.com/). A solar generator is also a good idea, along with batteries to store the electricity generated. And stay out of the big cities, with violent black racists.

  2. Clearly lots of people have this same idea cuz the traffic & the stores are crazy. Today I made a point to drive by where the BLM wheatpaste poster was and somebody removed it. We have many militant blacks colonized us recently so it’s getting dangerous. Some middle school black girls were giving me the side eye. I didn’t suffer through the Black Panthers to not know what their body language was telling me. Fortunately for me this wonderful large black dyke kindly ran interference. She was super nice. Good people come in every skin.

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