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綺麗な 日本人 Beautiful Japanese

My digi-art for the day.  I’m giving Japanese people a heads up 🙂

We don’t have a Japanese month in America that I know of.  Why don’t we ever bring to light the pretty Japanese?  I love Japanese people (except this idiot named Brian Akira).  

I love their Geisha ladies, their food, their cherry blossom trees and love for flowers.  They are skilled in the art of war and military tactics and they are very honorable people.   Did you know the Japanese people gave America all of the cherry trees surrounding the Jefferson monument? 

Cherry Blossom Season in Washington D.C. | Tours4fun

Their architecture is amazing.  They make beautiful silks and stunning collectibles for the home.  The cars they sell to us are fabulous and run for many years. Outstanding Kabuki theater and great restaurants.

When I worked at the Wharf in Monterey in the 1980’s, I waited on about 300 Japanese people a day.  They would come in huge tour groups.  They made the restaurant I worked at very rich and famous.

A Look at Geisha's | The Online Anime Store

You never see a Japanese person in America complaining that they need more welfare, foodstamps, EBT, housing, etc.  You won’t ever see a Japanese person screaming for wealth equality.

Most decorated unit in U.S. history fought for a country that didn’t accept them | NORIO HAYAKAWA

Let’s not forget the 442nd Infantry Regiment (United States) during WW2, either.  They won more metals than any other regiment during WW2 and took very heavy casualties.

Who could not love Mr. Miagi, Pat Morita?

I just wanted to shout out to the Japanese American people and Japanese people in general.  

God bless you and thank you for your contribution to society and civilization.


A group of Samurai or Japanese warriors with their ancient arms ...

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