Garden Sprite

Garden Sprite, June 2020


Made this one yesterday.  Gets me to thinking about how much I really miss the green and the ocean.  We’re very high up in the desert here.  Sure, there are Evergreen trees and some grass and other trees but I really miss the Eastern Seaboard a lot.  Western also…But, really…how can you live there?  The Communist filth have made California uninhabitable for patriotic American people.  You cant be sane and live there anymore.  Its just a total mess.  So, I will keep looking at greenery online.  Its the only real fulfillment I get and its not fulfilling.  I miss the ocean bad.

BUT: God has us up here, way up because he wanted us to live more remote and safer.  I say ‘safer’ because no place is safe from Communist infiltration, especially NOT Arizona with all of the California Commies coming here.  

Anyway…Hope ya liked it.

Heres a nice song from “Lord of the Dance”.  It really matches this mixed digi.

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