Has It Begun? Powerful ‘King Tide’ Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Has It Begun? Powerful Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

Ive not seen anything like this, personally.  This happened a time before in LA, 4 years ago… However, God extended grace to America at that time.  America, unfortunately has not corporately repented..  Ive lived on the bay and the beach most of my life-except now.  

Has God finally said Enough is enough?  I dont know.  But, if you are in Southern CA on the beach…you should probably get out.  We’re not under Gods grace anymore.  We’re at his mercy and thats a total different story…

The ‘tidal waves’ people have had spiritual dreams of regarding CA may not be a huge tidal wave. The tides may get higher and higher until a lot of CA coast is possibly washed away.

People thought this was a Tsunami…

6 thoughts on “Has It Begun? Powerful ‘King Tide’ Wave Struck Newport Beach, CA

  1. Mobius: That is a TSUNAMI!
    This is a high tide only.
    But, I DO believe that we are totally open for a tidal wave/tsunami.
    Our nation has been seriously evil

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