NYC: Plague Of RATS. CA: 1000’s Of Dead Fish. Lake Turns Red In Paraguay. HORRIBLE Flooding In Japan & China, Economic Mess In USA..

NYC: Plague Of RATS. CA: 1000’s Of Dead Fish. Lake Turns Red In Paraguay. HORRIBLE Flooding In Japan & China, Economic Mess In USA..

The bowls of wrath are poured out.  The world is upside down.  The evil ‘man of perdition‘ will arise on the scene at any time, promising things will be better: “hope and change”…  MANY will believe him because he will have supernatural, satanic power and they will crave peace.  

NYC Rats:


Fish dying by the thousands:  A Never-Before-Seen Bacteria Is Killing Tens of Thousands of Fish in Victorville, California

Lake Turns Red in Paraguay

Japanese flooding 😦


CHINA flooding:


Economic MESS in the USA:

The “Biblical” Default Wave Arrives: Here Is The Avalanche Of Bankruptcies Unleashed By Coronavirus

Especially watch this last video.  

7 thoughts on “NYC: Plague Of RATS. CA: 1000’s Of Dead Fish. Lake Turns Red In Paraguay. HORRIBLE Flooding In Japan & China, Economic Mess In USA..

  1. Long drive through Mexican part of west Phoenix this a.m. Used to be “white” or longtime Mexican area. Many rank and file government workers homes. (Always wondered where did they all move to?”) Anyways, NONE of the malls have empty units like those in the supposedly affluent areas or exurbs. Just like ’08, the new Mexicans are doing just fine. They’ve been pumped full of racial superiority ideology and hatred also for Mexican descent who are longtime multigenerational citizens. Just as BLM does to whites the illegal Mexicans and their advocates have put undue pressure on Mexican Americans. I call BS. Take that stinkin’ shit home. No worries. They’re doing just fine.

  2. I guess Ive been so long out of Calif that I didnt know how bad it can be for American Mexicans

  3. American Mexicans get it from all sides I think. So VA gave hubby medical scooter because he is a COMBAT Veteran and he needs it after all those low helicopter jumps – multiple tours & POW. But whenever we go somewhere there’s ALWAYS a Karen, sometimes a male Karen who starts some drama about how they know that as a Mexican he couldn’t afford that scooter and Uncle Sam stole from their tax dollars to give it to him. Since his mind is good he tells them that he served when they ran off to Canada but inevitably the day will come when he won’t be quick enough for all the haters. But the “too Mexican” Mexicans are absolutely hateful to US Mexicans. Their culture has changed. They used to at least respect their elders but now his American identity (or his non Mexican wife) entitles them to be openly hateful. Plus we know that all these companies that overcharge and gouge us, including utilities, sometimes costing us our very homes, most of them donate to race-based entities that give non-citizen Mexicans a downpayment for a house and have lobbied for them to have better terms on large purchases which is why they have homes and businesses – often the very ones we were forced out of by the impossible interest rate application – done for others new to this nation too – like a fast food franchise that sells mostly pork products gifted to an Arabic immigrant. He toughed it out for a few years but the American guy who owned it worked alongside his employees and they loved him. This guy couldn’t be seen doing that. We worked hard and got screwed over and over and over – so yes we are angry at these misguided efforts to lift some up at the expense of others and being caught in between all the haters just rubs salt.

    So yes I see PC Mexicans buying new cars even though they haven’t worked in months – and the jobs they HAD were low wages so how do they do that when we can’t? CPLC thanks to all those entities you can’t escape doing business with – from the bank to the electric company. Aaaarrrrrhggggghhh!

    Everyone is on edge and picking fights but financially I don’t have a choice but to go out instead of order thanks to the government authorized screw jobs.

  4. The American Mexican gets it from EVERYBODY. White, black, any foreign born, it’s amazingly sad. Anyways the last video everybody is believing I can see that.

  5. We hardly have any Hispanics up here. My closest friend is 100% Mexican and very patriotic. 👍

  6. There really are bitches out there Koo.
    your poor hubby 😦
    Tell him I said HI

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