Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

We can’t even go ONE day (IRL or online) without hearing some Communist, filthy, rat-bastard creep dumping on white people.  And, its usually black supremacists demonizing white people.  It makes me SICK.    If it isnt some black supremacist maggot, its some Commie with a Jewish last name.  

What the hell is with these people?  They never take a look in the mirror and see that the fascists they’re always screaming about is THEMSELVES.  

As they whine and complain about how blacks are ‘oppressed’ or whites are ‘anti semitic’ & nazi, the truth is that they, (these intolerant Leftists) are the biggest bullies in the planet.  Its hard to believe that these 2 idealistic minorities are such fascists.   A fascist is someone who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism.  The Communist/Fascists of today oppose free speech, hate criticism, are very forceful: Now seen destroying state and federal memorials, burning cities down, looting, rioting, beating and murdering people — as they scream that YOU are a fascist.

Make no mistake, these Leftists HATE white people and when you have a large part of the population this vehement about hating a race of people, be advised that they plan on murdering you en mass.  We saw it with the Communists in Russia.  We saw it with the Nazis in Germany.  We see it now with the modern Left-wing, Communist, genocidal murderers.

Look at this sickness:  National Museum of African American History and Culture Promotes Racist, Anti-American, White hating, Communist Propaganda

Nick Cannon Canned and Canceled –  (Finally, a serial, white hating bigot is dumped.)  But, not because he said HORRIBLE things about whites. 


CLICK on Jared Taylors bitchute and watch this–Whose Country Is This, Anyway?

4 thoughts on “Commie/Leftists Dump On Whites Like Nazi’s Dumped On Jews

  1. Nick Cannon apologized to Jews, finally but I am not buying it. He needs to apologize to whites as well. So many youth grew up with him and they’re mostly home over consuming media right now and they surely heard him. The only answer or logical next step to what he said is genocide of all whites and all Jews. He denied that what he said was hate but that denial is meaningless. I know my son heard him and he said “so soon?” He’s a mixed mutt but passes. What he meant was that he really thought that another Holocaust would not happen for a couple hundred years but now he has it staring him in his young face. In a way I have to thank Nick Cannon for bringing home to people that this is what millions of whites have to try to survive on the job every day – but they’re the ones called racist. Blacks think that they have had enough? They’ve inflicted enough that they have created the monster that they fear. That monster was not there all along. It is a direct result of all the hate they’ve been putting out for decades and like Pastor Manning said – You don’t want to get the white people mad. Well white people have had enough. Thanks Nick Cannon. Maybe you lit the fuse you dumbass.

  2. NPR just announced that Nick Cannon was fired for talking about Louis Farrakhan. Then they said that the reason Farrakhan is controversial is because he teaches black pride.

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