If The McCloskey’s Were Black, No Felony Charges Would Be Issued

If The McCloskey’s Were Black, No Felony Charges Would Be Issued

Here is a screen cap of a McCloskey statement as the Police OR private companies would NOT protect them from the Communist, dirtbag savages:

This is political grandstanding.  This moronic, white-hating, bigoted witch knows very well that if the McCloskey’s were black, we wouldn’t even be talking about this.  Its just a fact.   But, the truth is:  most minority leaders cannot govern because they CANNOT see past their skin color.  Therefore, they cannot and should not be put in a position (such as an Attny) where one must have blinders.

But, we’re not supposed to talk about that because ‘white privilege’…. Tell me what ‘white privilege’ is going on here.  We all saw the video of the ranting BLM & ANTIFA Communists plowing right thru PRIVATE property where they had no business being.    The McCloskey’s had every right to protect their home and neighborhood…especially after the filthy, Communist savages rioted and looted Target and many stores in St Louis.  And, nobody out there will tell it LIKE IT IS for fear of being called a racccccissssstttttt.  What a crock of chit.

Some St. Louis Target stores close as protests grow nationwide ...

Target, St Louis after the Floyd riot and looting.


Gardner claims the ‘protesters’ who broke through a gate into a private community were “unarmed, peaceful protesters.” And it is illegal to wave weapons in a threatening manner at at those participating in nonviolent protest.   Attorney Kim Gardner and St. Louis City Prosecutors File Charges Against Mark and Patricia McCloskey

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  1. We have decided that the next time the medical industry wants or needs to send a nurse, a social worker, or some other kind of health care worker to our home we are going to insist on whites only. Yes whites can be racist but at least they are legislated. When the POC home nurses are racist haters to you in your own home there’s nobody who will discipline them should you live through it. Nick Cannon’s refusal to apologize to whites is my reason. I’m also boycotting all POC media in our home. We in this house are agreed and we are not considered white by whites but we are considered white by blacks and brown’s so we have no refuge no community. $ talk. Stop this stupid shit. Way past time for employers and politicians to grow a pair and stop making excuses for these people. They play the knockout game against whites at work for decades and now it’s called cancel culture. Defund them now.

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