Someday, ♥ Will Find You… Which 1 Is Better?

Digitally manipulated this one a couple wks ago.  She looked alone and it reminded me of the Journey song.  Which got me to thinking…who did it best?  I think Perry did.  Arnel is a close 2nd.  Arnel is fabulous also.  I really miss hearing one great song after the next breaking on the top 40 rock charts.  The late 70’s and 80’s was a super fun time for rock and pop.  We had so many songs that had fabulous lyrics that were about life and love.

Perry: ♥


Arnel: ♥


3 thoughts on “Someday, ♥ Will Find You… Which 1 Is Better?

  1. Both. Both Are Good.. (The First One Seems To Be The Oldest, And May Fit Its Time More..I Don’t Know, The Second One Follow.. In Is On Time (Instruments), Great Too)

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