Narcissists, Psychopaths, Drama Queens & Mentally Disturbed More Likely To Wear Masks Says Study:

Narcissists, Psychopaths, Drama Queens & Mentally Disturbed More Likely To Wear Masks Says Study:

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Well, the “Scientists” who wrote this study actually said that it is the maskless who are ‘psycho’s’ and ‘narcissists’……But I thought I would write this post title as the opposite to see how the masked compliers liked it if they were painted in dehumanizing, Nazi like spew.

I personally only wear a mask when I have to go to Commie-Costco or ChinaMART and they MAKE me wear it. Or I can’t go in the store..  Talk about psychopathic..forcing someone to wear a mask which is not proven to even help you.   That’s straight-up bully.    Besides the fact that a virus is not a bacteria.  Mask or no mask, you will catch it if your immunity is devoid of the right nutrients.

This article is projection:


The researchers asked questions to determine how likely participants were (on a one-to-four scale, from “definitely not” to “definitely yes”) to engage in both preventive measures like decontamination and hoarding measures like stockpiling food.

SO:  Stockpiling food = ‘narcissism?’, “psychopathic?”  How so?  Its called being prepared.  We learned it in the Girl Scouts.  The Great Depression generation always had a whole cabinet of canned foods.  My Nana…she always had a ton of food in her cabinet.  She must have been some narcissist…! OY VEY.

 See this stupid Communist bull at Newsweek.

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Leave people alone.  

If you  want to wear a mask, you should be protected, right?  If you dont want to wear a mask, go right ahead.  

Just leave people ALONE.

9 thoughts on “Narcissists, Psychopaths, Drama Queens & Mentally Disturbed More Likely To Wear Masks Says Study:

  1. Yes, for sure! Leave the people alone. If they have a death wish it should be their right to refuse to wear the mask. The newest studies do indicate that wearing the mask protects both the wearer and the other person as well. Just the same as the mask deny-ers have their rights to refuse to wear a mask, I believe I should have a right to be protected from their spray of virus. I think this works both ways.

  2. In Iran, thousands of scarf, mask wearing women died even tho they wore the mask.
    I cant really wear it bec I have very high BP

  3. My mask protects other people and their masks protect me. The thing is that if I encounter a maskless person, they do not get near me, they do not touch me, they do not serve me at cash registers ….They do not get the opportunity to spread their crap to me — This, of course, is my choice because I do not harbor a death wish …

  4. Some people have conditions that prevent their wearing a mask. I have controlled hypertension and wearing a mask is not a problem with me. Some people’s oxygen levels fall when they wear a mask so it would not be wise for them to wear them. The besat idea is to stay the hell away from anyone who could potentially infect us. This is not hard to do. I do it every day.

  5. Excellent. The soft sciences of the slithering sike “professions” can be used to tar & feather ANYBODY as you have deftly shown. I do wear a mask. It’s required where I live and I have all the vulnerabilities.

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