My Little Baby Finch Is Free! Flying After Being Snagged In It’s Nest!

My Little Baby Finch Is Free! Flying After Being Snagged In It’s Nest!

Birds building nests in 'eggstraordinary' places - CBBC Newsround

The best thing happened to me today. God is SO good, he gives such wonderful experiences.

On my patio, there is a tall fake ficus tree. In the tree is always a little family of (finch) birds having their babies.
This year, I have had a (finch) family since Feb! I guess they must have had 3 little birdies.
Its been taking months for their last birdie to fly.
I’ve been watching the baby for a few days. I would hear its little wings flap but the birdie just could not fly!
Last night, I looked and noticed the birdie seemed to be stuck.
So, I gave it until today to break free. But, the birdie didn’t break free and was still there.
So, I decided to try to help it. First with my finger but that wouldnt work. The birdie was stuck in a string of cottonwood.
So, I went to get the scissors….I cut the string without hurting its little claw…
The birdie got FREE AND FLEW!! It flew to its parents who were waiting for it for DAYS!
When the birdie flew to the tree where the parents were, I could see that they were SO happy their little birdie was now free and flying! They were singing and flapping their wings with joy! Chirping happily. They were kissing their little baby birdie.
What a HAPPY experience.

It made me weep for joy!

The little birdie free and flying

European Greenfinch Bird GIF by Head Like an Orange - Find & Share ...

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