La Dame Aux Fleurs

Which means….The Flower lady. Lol.  

I love flower heads, lol…  I made this one for WIL from Switzerland?  He likes my digi art. Nobody else really does, but he does!! LOL!  Here’s a funny little tune for ya, Wil.. Im taking ya back to 1987.  A Girly song but it was cute.

Here’s an older one, 1980:

Blessings, WIL!

5 thoughts on “La Dame Aux Fleurs

  1. Woah.. Thanks, I’m Touched, Well I Like Louis Tiffany’s Works, Also Like Le Corbusier And Yes I Like Your Work !

    I Like The Period In Time Where People Were Drinking Absinthe And Did Get A Bit Crazy In The Way Of Creation, Which I Find Today Is Lacking. So, Sometimes Revisiting The Past Is A Really Good Thing.

  2. I love Stained glass also. My father was a stained glass glasier and his father worked with Tiffany, believe it or not !

  3. Well, I Believe That Some Of It Has Passed Through Time.. And It Evolved With The Technology Of Today. Some Could Certainly Be Framed, Even A Collection.. I’ve Seen Stuff You Wouldn’t Believe Gain Succes. It Just Need A Theme..

    About Your Other Post On The Dancer, You’re Right It Called “The Belle Epoque” I Had Forgot.. I Did Have, Like.. Bohemian Something, Which Is In Fact A Puccini Master Piece Of The Belle Epoque Era..
    With Age It’s Learn And Relearn..

    God Bless

  4. I think it must have been a fun time. People certainly looked really great!
    I am making another one of Lina Cavalieri.
    She was beautiful also

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