Art Vacay For Me!

Im going on an Art Vacation. Ive really had enough of this ride with the nation turning upside down. So, I’m taking off to watch the horror show. There are enough bloggers right now. Nobody ‘needs’ me. I may just post a few YT’s but thats about it.

I would caution women who are middle aged like me to stay out of the cities and let men do their job–IF they are forced to fight. Fighting is not a woman’s job. Which sux because…man…do I love a good fight 🙂

I really am sad that it has all come to this mess that we call America. I feel that there are very dark days ahead. Days of want, famine, riots, looting, fires…basically, the end of what we once knew. I hope I am wrong. But, from the looks of it–everything is going full throttle Communist. This may mean mass genocide? I dont know. We cant see the future. Ive always been patriotic and loved my country–this nation going Left has devastated me. I have cried many tears.

We are constantly on the defense and most Conservatives are NO good on defense. Its my personal forte’ but most Conservative people are constantly on defense against these Western European Socialism/Communism lovers. Its an every day attack on our REPUBLIC. Its not us with the ‘agenda’. The only ‘agenda’ we have had is to keep our freedoms. The Left does not love freedom, they love bondage and slavery. They will keep fighting for their bondage and satan is on their side and satan never rests. “’There is no peace,’ says my God, ‘for the wicked'” (Isaiah 57:21)

We see them fighting against our foundational rights–every, single day.

So, its VACAY for me.

I’ll see ya all in a few weeks, God willing. Bye for now.

More of my digitals:

Bolsheviks In The Bathroom: Excellent Anti Communist Propaganda Posters (Chaos, Disorder, Riots)

Bolsheviks In The Bathroom: Excellent Anti Communist Propaganda (Chaos, Disorder, Riots)

I look at these posters and I see what we are fighting even though most people refuse to name or SEE this monster coming our way after election day.

Did you know? FBI director J. Edgar Hoover was quick to equate any kind of protest with communist subversion, including the civil rights demonstrations led by Martin Luther King Jr. Hoover labeled King a communist and covertly worked to intimidate and discredit the civil rights leader.

That question mark…thats what I think on a daily basis: What are these Communist pigs going to do next? This one is from 1961, I believe.

Even “Scot Tissues” were in on stopping the Communists.

Companies were in on expunging the ‘red menace’. You know why? Because they foresaw this mess we are in. This one below is explaining how to deal with a Communist.

Our elders knew that eventually, Communism would be Globalism. The root of Globalism is Communism.

Communism, aka: Leftism IS America’s mortal enemy. It needs to be shamed and expunged from society. If it isnt, it will get much, much worse than it already is.

Our elders knew.

Stop calling these savages, “Liberal and Progressive”. Call them by their real name: COMMUNIST.

See this Comic book against Communism, 1947

@vijaya Is THE “Architect” Of #Twitter Censorship Fiasco. #FireVajaya Gadde, OR: REMOVE §230 Protection

@vijaya Is THE Problem On Twitter: #FireVajaya Gadde. OR: REMOVE 230 Protection

Twitter shareholders have one choice or the other with this fiasco that is happening on the platform. They have taken to censoring most Conservative content, even stretching so far as to censor the Press Secretary or even the President of the U.S. Who ever heard of censoring the Press Secretary or the President of the U.S.??

Who does that?

I’ll tell you who does it: A militant feminist and immigrant named Vajaya Gadde from India who has zero regard for political heads of state. And, I will tell you how bad this really is. The Communist machine at Politico is singing Gadde’s praises for going full ‘resistance’.

Gadde was a lead architect of the policy approach that led Twitter to clamp down on everyone from everyday harassers to the Proud Boys to President Donald Trump, and she’s been out front in defending it, arguing that the shift makes sense as corporate strategy. Said Gadde in an interview by phone from her home in San Francisco in July, of the decision to ban political ads: “It wasn’t about anything other than, ‘This is the right thing to do for us as a company.’”

Click to read it

This is the ‘right’ thing to do? As a company? Censor the President? Since when? This is not ok in ANY event, Left OR Right. But, this is par for the course for many females in powerful positions. Sure, this is a strong statement. But, if you have worked in large corp’s where women work in upper management, you understand how pushy and bossy they are. You know that they screw up many business decisions. They just do. Its not business to them, its PERSONAL. Many females are just lousy corporate executives. And, Gadde is probably the worst the corporate world has EVER seen. Prove this?

EXCERPT from Politico:

Inside Twitter’s headquarters, Gadde and Dorsey work from spaces next door to each other. Said one Twitter official: “I can’t imagine a world where Jack looks at her and says, ‘No.’”

Nobody says “NO” to this bimbo. Believe me. NOBODY. They will have to ax this militant, power-mad hag or face the removal of their §230 protection. YES, it is possibly going to be THAT bad. Because, she is a lawyer, a female, dark-skinned and a ‘minority’. I guess we could say “GOTCHA” to Jack. Because SHE is in charge–NOT Jack. And, she will have her way, “I am woman“. And, Jack, dear? “Hell hath no fury like the wrath of a woman scorned.”

Thats “DIEver$hitty” for ya!

Jack is already chitting bricks.. He knows that removal of §230 protection just may be his fate because NOBODY says “NO” to Vajaya.

JACK is suddenly ‘worried’ about Free Speech? He has allowed so many people to be censored, shadow banned or suspended from Twitter. He should be punished. License revoked, §230 removed from HIS platform. Enough of big tech totalitarians.


#Twitter @vijaya Is A Horrible #Feminist. #ResignVijaya NOW

Dorsey Admits To Mob-Driven Censorship On Twitter During Heated Section 230 Hearing

LUNATICS: ‘Orthodox’ Jews Forced To Leave #BLM Riots In Philly For “Showing Solidarity”

LUNATIC ‘Orthodox’ Jews Forced To Leave #BLM Riots In Philly For “Showing Solidarity”

Embarrassing, insane, Stolkholm-afflicted “Jews” who happen to be Orthodox were in Philly last night trying to show ‘solidarity’ to the #BLM black mob.

When do these dummies ever learn that you cant show ‘solidarity’ with black Leftists? Stupid. This is WHY we get a bad rap. I’m so sick of this ridiculousness from fellow Jews. This is why I’m a loner.

Have they not read Rabbi Marv Antleman’s book? “To eliminate the opiate?” If not, it SHOULD be required reading for any Jewish person who claims to love God. ‘To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 1 – Marvin S. Antelman’ Duck-Duck it.

To Eliminate the Opiate (Volume 2): Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman:  9789657186053: Books
GOOD!! They got forced out. Serves them right.

Deal with it, Jews of every sect and persuasion… You are considered to be white by the Left wingers. I know how that pains many of you silly gasbags…. Activist Explains It’s Okay For Blacks To Attack Jews …

Ashley Biden’s Diary? Child Sex Trauma? Drugs, Resentment For Joe?

Ashley Biden’s Diary? Child Sex Trauma? Drugs, Resentment For Joe?

This is allegedly Ashley Biden’s diary. It would appear that she has many issues including issues with Joe (but this happens with most children in USA now), child sex trauma and drug issues. It may not be her. Who knows.

Who is Ashley Biden? - Meet Joe Biden's Activist and Fashion Designer  Daughter

At any rate, click on this below & determine it for yourselves:



The diseased witch feminist from India, Vagaya Gadde, a horrible immigrant and a lousy feminist has the world as her little stage. This idiot lunatic is in charge of Twitters ‘safety and trust’. Never has a large corp had such an incompetent moron in charge.

Twitter Censors US President Trump Again After He Questions Election Integrity!

NEVER was Barack Obama monitored or censored. We cant have this. We cannot keep this up. There are leaders all over the world looking at what Twitter’s ‘trust and safety’ department is doing. The Left has made a complete mockery of leadership, not only all over the world–but now here at home. This hag needs to be canned. In fact, that whole company needs a complete overhaul. Someone needs to take-over Twitter ASAP.


Mail in ballots have had serious issues for 6 months already & Trump is correct: UPDATED: Accounts Of Dem & Repub Voter Fraud, 2020:

A hostile takeover is the acquisition of one company (called the target company) by another (called the acquirer) that is accomplished by going directly to the company’s shareholders or fighting to replace management to get the acquisition approved. A hostile takeover can be accomplished through either atender offer or a proxy fight.

Marrying Mucha & Klimt: 2 Very Different Ideological Artists

I really love Gustav Klimt’s paintings. I know he was a hard core Leftist and I hate that about him but who can doubt that he really brought forth some excellent work with a few exceptions, especially his naked Byzantine lady which was a mockery of the church. It was meant to be vulgar because he hated the Conservative Victorians. So, yes, much of his art was fabulous but his life was stupid.

Filled with thoughts of radical, ‘revolutionary’ violence and misery he wished to bring upon the polite, Belle Epoque society.

Mucha on the other hand: He became devoutly religious, and wrote later, “For me, the notions of painting, going to church, and music are so closely knit that often I cannot decide whether I like church for its music, or music for its place in the mystery which it accompanies.” He grew up in an environment of intense Czech nationalism in all the arts, from music to literature and painting. He designed flyers and posters for patriotic rallies.

Alphonse Mucha was a very talented and gifted man. He also designed jewelry. Fabulous jewelry. Out of the planet jewelry.

What I love about Mucha is his patriotism & love of God. I deeply love and admire the Slavic people. Mucha was Czech.

Here ends the little lesson. And, an encouragement.. Find out what type of art your leftist acquaintance admires and chit chat about it.. Maybe you can break some ice..

This one I digitized is Klimt and Margaret McDonald

Mad Jewess Proverbs

I think a lot. Maybe thinking is something that is more open to you as you age? I don’t know. But, acquiring wisdom is a fantastic attribute. It literally saves you from making very stupid decisions. Being endued with wisdom is a great gift from God.

Proverbs 13 3 Meaning

Here are a few.

I will add more in different posts as time goes on:

* Everyone dies and we all want to be ‘famous’ because deep down, we know that we will not be remembered for being insignificant.

* We want fame because we hate being ignored.

* When you speak or write, make it important because words and only words are remembered about you which is why the pen is mightier than the sword.

* Give people who come across your path 2 chances not 3. Why give a repeat ‘offender’ 3 chances when you know if he makes 2 offenses, he will no doubt make 3. It will save precious time.