FLASHBACK 1997, TIME/CNN: ‘Most Black Teens Say Racism Has Little Effect On Day-To-Day Lives’

FLASHBACK 1997: Most Black Teens Say Racism Has Little Effect On Day-To-Day Lives:

CNN conducted a poll in Nov 1997 asking black teens about racism. The black teens said racism had little effect on their day to day lives. I never believe Leftist horsesh’t. In the 80’s, blacks partied with whites. Whites and blacks dated eachother, went dancing together, ate with eachother, etc. I used to help black waitresses get employment where I worked. The Left and the black Libs are so full of chit. Anytime the Left uses the race card, I just brush it off. Its hogwash. Why American Conservatives and Christians still cower over this nonsense is beyond me.

This poll was taken over 2 decades years ago. Stop defending yourself against the godless, filthy, baby murdering, anus sucking, violent, riotous Left wing devils.


By Associated Press  Nov 17, 1997, 12:00am MST:

‘Nearly nine out of 10 black teenagers said racism has little impact on their day-to-day lives, according to a Time-CNN poll released Sunday.’

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3 thoughts on “FLASHBACK 1997, TIME/CNN: ‘Most Black Teens Say Racism Has Little Effect On Day-To-Day Lives’

  1. They’ve been cogitating on it for years and those HCBU’s have helped them understand a whole bunch of new ways to get their feelings hurt.

    When I used to hear white people say that the problem with black people is that they just can’t get over having been born black – I used to think that was the most insensitive racist thing ever – but at this end of life I’m feeling that this will be the never ending story for hundreds of years and it’s our fault for coddling and pouring gasoline on this fire with financial rewards – those old white people were right.

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