La Belle Epoque, Art Nouveau Jewelry Masterpieces

It’s hard to find all of the information behind these masterpieces. But, I wanted to post them to show you how jewelry at the turn of the last century was a work of art. The jewelers didn’t just clump these magnificent pieces together. This jewelry was made to be absolutely stunning:

(I have not seen these 2 first ones)

Gold, Plique-a-Jour Enamel and Diamond Pendant-Brooch, sold for $2,000 via Doyle New York (June 2016).

Art Nouveau Jewelry: A Guide to Motifs, Materials and Makers

An Art Nouveau Mother-of-Pearl and Gold Haircomb, by Georges Foquet. Sold for $38,400 via Christie’s (October 2006).

I cannot find all of the info on these 2 brooches but they are called “Nymphs”

My alltime favorite piece by Rene Lalique. He was also a famous Glazier.

Dragonfly-woman brooch made of Gold, enamel, chrysoprase, chalcedony, moonstones, and Diamonds

This is also a Rene Lalique:

Rene Lalique Art Nouveau jewellery - Kaleidoscope effect

Here is a gorgeous video of some more masterpiece jewelry:

Rene Lalique

I have digitally crafted some Nouveau pieces. I’ll post them some time.

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