Bad Dream About Leftists ‘Removing’ White People:

Texas State newspaper fires anti-white column's author as backlash escalates | Fox News

Im sure you know: California City Slammed For ‘Racist’ Trees, Forced To Remove Them …. Tucker Carlson reported on this sheer stupidity. BUT-

You think it sounds ridiculous? It doesn’t to me. The Left is eventually getting ready to remove white people in EU and America and any western nation that is populated with whites.

I didn’t see Tucker Carlson’s video about ‘racist trees’, by the way.

At any rate:

Last night, I had a bad dream. In the dream were various radical Left groups. They were giving out white CDs/DVD’s. On these CDs/DVDs was vile propaganda against white people–to remove them. I was very upset and told my Grandmother that this was genocidal.

Anything the Left does is nefarious and genocidal. They’re not getting rid of trees because the trees are ‘racist’. They’re getting people used to them ‘getting rid of’ things. The more things the Left gets ‘rid of’, the more desensitized we become. See? When they start getting rid of white people, en mass, it won’t bother anyone. Capiche’?

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  1. Spot on. And a university in MN is offering a class that is “12 steps to recover from your whiteness”. This is nothing more glorified “Re-education” camp. Only you volunteer to go, and pay big bucks for the experience.

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