Jennifer Rubin Is A VERY Unstable Journo & 1 Of The Reasons Us Jewish People Get A “Bad Rap”

Jennifer Rubin Is An Unstable Journo & 1 Of The Reasons Us Jewish People Get A “Bad Rap”

Grilling Jennifer Rubin for Faith-Based Excuse - The Atlantic

I was reading Fox news, it came up in my feed. It was a story Jennifer Rubin wrote. Last I remember (before Trump), Rubin was a Conservative. Now, she’s a Leftist. What will she be next week or next election? Who knows? She turns on a dime and this is why us Jewish people are constantly in a mess: Because people like Rubin change like the wind…WHO can trust them? And, of course, this is a comment I come across all the time: “Ya can’t trust the Jews!”. Well, I would have to agree when it comes to Jewish folk like Rubin. She cant make up her mind. So, she is not a trusted person on the right or the left and the middle certainly will not trust her after her blowing like a dust devil in any ol direction.

Its not just Rubin, either. Look at Mike Bloomberg. First he was a Democrat, then he switched to Republican to win the Mayors seat in NYC. Now, he’s a hard-core Leftist lunatic and aggressive anti 2nd Amendment traitor. Then there is Mike Cohen, Trumps ‘trusted’ Lawyer who turned on Trump and then wrote a negative book about Trump. Isn’t he in jail? What about Eric Cantor? The only “Conservative” Jew in office. He was voted out for being a weak simp and siding with Obama. Some “Conservative”. Even Ben Shapiro, a supposed hard core Conservative made a fool of himself mocking Trump during his campaign.. Now, Shapiro is a serious pro Trumper. Senator Arlen Specter was a Democrat from 1951 to 1965, then a Republican from 1965 until 2009, when he switched back to the Democratic Party. ETC!

George S. Patton quote: Say what you mean and mean what you say.

OR, just shut the hell up!!!

“Thursday marked the end of an era for The Washington Post columnist Jennifer Rubin, who finally dropped her “conservative” label from her Twitter bio.


10 thoughts on “Jennifer Rubin Is A VERY Unstable Journo & 1 Of The Reasons Us Jewish People Get A “Bad Rap”

  1. Why can’t people accept the fact that it is perfectly acceptable for Jews to be Fascist?
    People confuse Nazism with Fascism. “Nazi” is short for National Socialist. Fascism
    is the best form of government ever devised by the mind of men. It needen’t be Antisemetic. Beneto Mousilini had two Jewish girlfriends that helped him develop
    his Fascist theories. Italy was aligned with Nazi Germany, but that doesn’t mean
    anything. America was aligned with Soviet Russia. Italians were opposed to the
    Holocust and tried to stop the death trains.
    The REAL Holocust will occur right here in America when Biden steals it next week.
    There will be vengence taking like you wouldn’t believe. Jews WILL be genocided,
    ironically alongside “deplorable” white males.

  2. You think Biden is stealing it?
    People call me a fascist all the time.
    I just fluff it off. Im just a chick with strong opinions that I cant help

  3. Absolutely, they’ll steal it. The only caviot to their Satanic plans will be the fact that God is more powerful than Satan. The Trump victory in 2016 was a miracle from God, so if he wins again, it will require another miracle. There are only two possible
    outcomes: A re-vitalization of America from top to bottom, or complete desolation of
    America into a wasteland, and eventual resumption of ownership by the American Indian. It’s happened before.

  4. I pray he wins again. Please God.
    These satanic demons will murder all of us. Ive had dreams about it, too.
    They’ll go postal on whites.

  5. Your dreams are correct. There will be a “Red Dawn” invasion of America next year.
    The filthy greezer Chinese, and the Russians are going to invade. The bio-weapon
    will be made even stronger with the help of the globalists. The Chinese aim to rule
    the world. The globalists have always wanted to depopulate the world. It’s a win win
    for both. It makes the world safe for their child molestation and their sex parties.

  6. The dreams I had were very vivid and real.
    The colors, rockets, missiles, etc.
    I dont think I just ‘had’ these dreams bcz of an overactive mind either

  7. Eighty million “early votes.” The stupidity of the “do-gooder” virtue signaling whites
    never ceases to amaze me. If they want to commit suicide they are welcome to do it.
    They have no right to take me with them.

  8. Yeah, they are pathetic.
    Sane whites need to get a clue from blacks and other minorities: GET TRIBAL.

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