Ashley Biden’s Diary? Child Sex Trauma? Drugs, Resentment For Joe?

Ashley Biden’s Diary? Child Sex Trauma? Drugs, Resentment For Joe?

This is allegedly Ashley Biden’s diary. It would appear that she has many issues including issues with Joe (but this happens with most children in USA now), child sex trauma and drug issues. It may not be her. Who knows.

Who is Ashley Biden? - Meet Joe Biden's Activist and Fashion Designer  Daughter

At any rate, click on this below & determine it for yourselves:

5 thoughts on “Ashley Biden’s Diary? Child Sex Trauma? Drugs, Resentment For Joe?

  1. Inappropriate showers is meaningless without further context which I managed to miss. You have a mobile toddler and you need to get in the shower. Some little ones come on their own because they are afraid to be alone. Mostly they don’t remember the showers at all. Memories can be implanted in those rehabs that want to find childhood trauma to blame the addiction on. Although trauma does open a window sometimes its just the lure of the culture, peer pressure etc. But they have to break you down to rebuild you is where the fake memories can come in.

  2. Even in our supposedly ‘enlightened’ times, there remains a mentality out there, albeit perhaps subconscious: Men can take care of themselves against sexual perpetrators, and boys are basically little men.

    I’ve noticed over many years of news-media consumption that when the victims are girls their gender is readily reported as such; however, when they’re boys, they’re usually referred to gender-neutrally as children. It’s as though, as a news product made to sell the best, the child victims being female is somehow more shocking than if male.

    Also, I’ve heard and read news-media references to a 19-year-old female victim as a ‘girl’, while (in an unrelated case) a 17 year old male perpetrator was described as a ‘man’.

    I wonder whether the above may help explain why the book Childhood Disrupted (about adverse childhood experiences or ACEs) was only able to include one man among its six interviewed adult subjects, logically presuming there were very few men willing to come forward for the book? Could it be evidence of a continuing subtle societal take-it-like-a-man mindset? After all, that relatively so few men (a ratio of 5:1 female to male) suffered high-scoring ACE trauma is not a plausible conclusion, however low in formally recorded number they may be.

    For me, it definitely was the book’s unaddressed elephant in the room.

    [Frank Sterle Jr.]

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