LUNATICS: ‘Orthodox’ Jews Forced To Leave #BLM Riots In Philly For “Showing Solidarity”

LUNATIC ‘Orthodox’ Jews Forced To Leave #BLM Riots In Philly For “Showing Solidarity”

Embarrassing, insane, Stolkholm-afflicted “Jews” who happen to be Orthodox were in Philly last night trying to show ‘solidarity’ to the #BLM black mob.

When do these dummies ever learn that you cant show ‘solidarity’ with black Leftists? Stupid. This is WHY we get a bad rap. I’m so sick of this ridiculousness from fellow Jews. This is why I’m a loner.

Have they not read Rabbi Marv Antleman’s book? “To eliminate the opiate?” If not, it SHOULD be required reading for any Jewish person who claims to love God. ‘To Eliminate the Opiate: Vol. 1 – Marvin S. Antelman’ Duck-Duck it.

To Eliminate the Opiate (Volume 2): Rabbi Marvin S. Antelman:  9789657186053: Books
GOOD!! They got forced out. Serves them right.

Deal with it, Jews of every sect and persuasion… You are considered to be white by the Left wingers. I know how that pains many of you silly gasbags…. Activist Explains It’s Okay For Blacks To Attack Jews …

10 thoughts on “LUNATICS: ‘Orthodox’ Jews Forced To Leave #BLM Riots In Philly For “Showing Solidarity”

  1. As I’ve said all too many times and in all too many places:

    If Hitler were non-white, American Jews would be fighting for first place in line for the ovens.

  2. These are like the European Jews who cheerfully and obediantly boarded the cattle cars that took them to the concentration camps during World War 2. Will the deplotables also accomadate the genocidal manniacs that intend to make them into
    lampshades under Kamala Harris?

  3. Its amazing, isnt it? Its like so many of us hunt for tyrants just to serve them. Look how so many of us were for Obama? I wasnt, no way. But, many were.

  4. Unmerited virtue signaling is Satan’s greatest trick. It’s like the parable “The Scorpion And The Frog.” “Why did you sting me? We’re both going to die.”
    “I stung you because I was a scorpion, and that’s what scorpions do.” Donald Trump
    used to quote from “The Woman And The Snake,” by Al Wilson.

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