AZ, 2018: Martha McSally Won Election. But, The DNC “Found” Votes & Trump Weighed In:

AZ, 2018: Martha McSally Wins Election. But, The DNC “Found” Votes & Trump Weighed In:

Take a good look at what happened in Arizona in 2018 in this Youtube below. Arizona was a ‘dry run’ to fraud the Presidential election in 2020. This video below was posted Sep 6, 2020. The MSM was getting the public used to ‘waiting’ until AFTER the election to ‘count the votes’. Yes, precisely: The ‘MAIL IN VOTES’. The MSM wants it to seem ‘normal’ to wait and count votes AFTER. That has NEVER been the ‘norm’ and it is fraud. And, Obama and Holder know all about this because they organized it.

Look familiar to you now that it is happening to President Trump?

The DNC suddenly ‘found’ the votes (mail in votes) needed for Kyrsten Sinema to win the vote. President Trump also stated that the ‘signatures’ didnt match. Of course they didn’t. They were fake. The DNC had their perfect stooge to concede the whole election, also: Martha McSally.

Don’t think OBAMA is not involved in politics. He most certainly is and ARIZONA was KEY to this election. From his ‘Grassroots’ (Soros) operated movement, “All on the Line”


‘Historically, redistricting in Arizona was controlled by the state legislature. That changed in 2000, when Arizona voters passed a ballot measure to establish a bipartisan, independent redistricting commission.’

The Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission [IRC] ultimately took the map-drawing power away from politicians and placed it in the hands of the people.

‘We’ve since learned that even a bipartisan redistricting commission can be manipulated or undermined by self-serving groups and interests. That’s why we’ve identified Arizona as a priority state – because the IRC deserves protection and Arizona voices deserve to be fairly represented in the state’s new maps.’

[Basically, take power back OUT of the hands of the people and put it BACK in the hands of politicians and Democrat groups]

Go to the page and read it all:

Take a good look at the states they were targeting along with Arizona: Georgia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

You think its just a coincidence that those states just ‘happened to have issues’ this Presidential election?? FOX news calling AZ for Biden even before Texas or Florida? WI votes just ‘showing up?’ PA? The SAME states that Obama targeted for ‘organizing?’

Reminds me of 2018, Arizona all over again:

You think it is a ‘conspiracy?’ Well, take a look at Zero Hedge Tweets: Trump: ‘Surprise Ballot Dumps’ Behind Lead Changes; Arizona ‘Sharpie’ Malarkey Comes Into Focus

Obama and HolderBelow, Streamed live on Oct 9, 2020 (Gee, right before the election)

(Start video at 18.00 minutes)

If Trump was smart, he would arrest these 2 for ‘gerrymandering’ in our voting process. They were totally involved in ‘organizing’ this catastrophe.

14 thoughts on “AZ, 2018: Martha McSally Won Election. But, The DNC “Found” Votes & Trump Weighed In:

  1. WOW! I learn so much here! But I think McSally was an easy pick because she never was a viable candidate. If you compare her career trajectory to that of Sinema’s it’s nothing. Sinema has been here since graduating BYU age 18. She gets us here in Arizona. She learned a lot the hard way. She started radical but is becoming more moderate with age and understanding. Mcsally was in Germany and then she suddenly showed up in Arizona and runs for Congress. Her education isn’t sufficient. She just follows the rules, badly. She has no self respect and doesn’t respect us either which she has shown consistently.

    We feel abandoned by the Republican party here in Arizona. The Democrats put a lot of money and effort into this election. We barely heard from the Republicans. It feels like they made a deal because we are next to California.

  2. Maybe. Plenty of other outsiders have come here and done well. I remember when McCain came to Arizona. The support he had from the movers and shakers was an eye opener for me. Then look who he married. The disgust was huge but he was protected all the way.

  3. Yep. This has been happening all over for a LONG time. Look into the Senate race in MN between that hideous Dem-Labor Party Al Franken and encumbant R- Norm Coleman. Coleman was shut out by 312 votes. And when they went back they found that convicted felons had voted and accounted for MORE than the 312 votes that Franked used to steal the election. But again – no one did anything! The right has been spineless and allowing the left to steal elections for ages. And it is the people who get screwed time and time again.

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