Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

Every state this election year that had major fraud, Obama, Holder & their staff were working in and they TARGETED. Can you explain to me why a former President and a former Attny General are working in these states? Who does that? I haven’t seen other retired Presidents doing anything like this.

On the website below this YT video, you will see all of the ‘target states’ on the Tabs. In the video, you will hear Holder saying: “Vote, Vote, Vote”, “Vote Early”, We HAVE TO CHANGE it”. Change what? We VOTE, we don’t just “CHANGE” it.. Not only are the Democrats ‘flipping our states’ but were/are very interested in the ‘votes’ there. My own state AZ has—since 2018, flipped BLUE. In 2018, there was major voter fraud in my state: AZ, 2018: Martha McSally Won Election. But, The DNC “Found” Votes . Just like this presidential election year.

Call me suspicious but why is every state that they targeted on this website under ‘target states’ just seem to be THE states suffering from Democrat voter fraud???

This Youtube was posted on Oct 2020.. Just in time to confuse the election.

Arizona, PA, OH, WI, Michigan, North Carolina, GA, (TX and CO also) https://www.allontheline.org/

By the way.. I have no thoughts of suicide. Suicide is murder against ones own self. Its against God and against my faith.