Dream I Had About “Giants” On Earth Again

Dream I Had About “Giants” On Earth Again

Biblical Roots - Goliath wasn't the only giant

We all have dreams and some of us have dreams of warning. In any event, God gives dreams, I believe. From Joel 2:28 And it shall come to pass afterward, that I will pour out of my Spirit upon all flesh; and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.

Here is the dream:

I was downtown where I live. There were BLM rioters causing trouble here. One of the BLM rioters came to fight me. So, I stood right up to him. He was trying to get me to believe that garbage about whites being Nazi. I stood right up to him and said: “I dont despise you because of your skin color, I cannot tolerate the fictitious world you are bringing upon us”.

In a flash second, this person (It was Marc Lamont Hill, by the way), he became at LEAST 12 feet tall. Not only was he 12 ft tall and obviously more powerful than me but he had a sharp knife he was going to use to murder me with. I didn’t flinch. I kept repeating: “I am telling you the truth, it is yourselves who have become the ‘fascists, the nazis, the racists, the totalitarians’. I was UNIMPRESSED by his height and the Lord gave me the power to stand up to this GIANT.

Dream over.

This is what I believe this dream to mean: The other day as I was watching a Youtube of a woman prophetic voice, she was saying that ‘Giants are going to be let loose on the earth in these end time”.

I do not know if this is going to happen or not, physically speaking. But, I DO believe the same very evil spirit that was IN those giants of old will operate in the reprobates and apostates. They will look to be formidable. So, get your armor of God on, people. Because the wicked WILL grow much more wicked. You can beat these ‘giants’ with the power of the LORD..

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  1. The giants in the earth in Old Testament times and before Noah’s Flood were huge, physical giants (the offspring of the fallen angels). The giants in the earth now are spiritual, demonic giants and we defeat them through the Blood of Jesus, living a crucified life and the power of the Holy Ghost. The Old Testament is mostly about physical warfare; the New Testament is mostly about spiritual warfare.

    This could be an example of an experience I had with a demonic giant. Back in 2008, I was hitchhiking in Idaho. It was the first week of December. I got dropped off in this town and it was evening. I walked around till I found this recreational vehicle to sleep in. I laid my sleeping bag on this mattress in the RV and went to sleep. Later that night, I could feel this evil presence come into the RV. I became paralyzed and I tried to pray against the demon. Then I could feel the evil presence on top of me trying to crush me. I could feel my body being pressed into the mattress. It felt like a very heavy weight on top of me, it felt like some giant being on top of me trying to kill me.

    So why did it happen? A week later, I was in Montana at the library and I found out that my first book HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER: A HITCHHIKING JOURNEY ACROSS AMERICA had been published a week before (when I was attacked by that demon). For some reason, Satan hates my book HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER. I remember I was hitchhiking in Montana back in August of 2008 and I was camped out south of Lolo. That night I thought a deer had jumped on top of and had broken my ribcage–it was very painful. Later that morning, I felt my ribs and nothing was broken. I had been attacked my a demon in my sleep. A few days later, I hitchhiked to Dillon, Montana and went to the library. It was then that I found out the my book HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER was accepted for publication.

    Why does Satan hate HIGH PLAINS DRIFTER. My book isn’t just about hitchhiking. It is about being led by the Holy Ghost and dying to self. I didn’t want to hitchhike; it was God’s will for me to hitchhike. I was taking up my cross and following the Lord on the road. When you obey the Lord (take up your cross and follow the Lord), this is how you break curses off of your life, become delivered from demons in your body and destroy Satanic strongholds in the heavenlies. Demons hate a self-less(dead to self will) Christian. Obedience is better than sacrifice.

  2. YES, Tim, I believe that the evil demons released now will be ‘bigger’ (or more powerful than ever)
    So, I believe that we must really be ‘in’ with God or these demons will crush us.

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