I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

read my mind: Who is this Guy in the Oval Office? (Part 7)

I warned everyone the anti christ slob, Obama would be back in the picture. People laughed me to scorn… Is Satan’s Son (Obama) Is Going To Rise On The Political Scene Again–Bigly? (Posted on March 26, 2020. In March I told ya’all!!)

At any rate…. He is everywhere, stirring the pot of race driven politics. Obama says Americans voted for Trump because Republicans cast white men as ‘victims’

He can’t shut up about Trump. Obama tells Colbert of frustration with Trump’s ‘shambolic’ Covid response

He was involved with the voter fraud during the 2020 Presidential election: Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

And, now he dumps on Evangelical Mexicans: Obama Claims Evangelical Latinos Disregarded Trump’s Racism Because of Views on ‘Abortion,’ ‘Gay Marriage’

1.7 million idiots bought his new book: Click here to see.

I told you he would be back.

He IS and he is here to stay.

Anyway…. I’ll just put it out there: I believe if Trump were to win all of his lawsuits, Obama would possibly have him assassinated. Obama will get rid of Kamala and make Biden go to a nursing home. I can see him easily taking the White house by force. That’s my thought. Hope I’m wrong.


8 thoughts on “I Told Ya’All Obama Would Be Baaacckkk. His Yap Can’t Stay Closed

  1. Gawd, who isnt!!
    I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving.
    I cant stand Obama.
    If Trump does not take it away with all of this voter fraud, we’ll be stuck with Obama, 3rd term

  2. I can vividly recall then-president Barack Obama’s capitulation—like so many other neo-liberal presidents before him and likely after him—to big money politics in the very worst way, with the Flint, Michigan drinking-water atrocity.

    As a then admirer of the president, I muttered ‘Please say it isn’t so’ as he drank (at least what supposedly was) a glass of the Flint water; this signified that the health-hazardously lead-laden water is actually safe to drink, which he must have known is not.

    I henceforth saw U.S. presidents, and Canadian prime ministers, mostly as large corporate and power interest puppets.

    The American political system essentially involves two established conservative and (neo)liberal parties more or less alternating in governance while habitually kowtowing to the interests of the very wealthy but especially big business’s crippling threats (whether implied or explicit) of a loss of jobs, capital investment and/or economic stability, etcetera.

    This of course fails to mention, amongst other things, the corporate-welfare-cheque subsidies doled out annually to already very profitable corporations and the forgiveness of huge loan debts owed to taxpayers.

    Also, almost all of our information is still produced and/or shared with us by concentrated corporate-owned media.

    This corporate-political reality may be why so many low-income citizens have felt futility in voting at all, let alone waiting in long lineups in the weather to do so.

    (Frank Sterle Jr.)

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