#DefendDC: Dont Allow #BLM In DC On 1-6-2021. They Could Burn DC To The Ground

DefendDC: Dont Allow #BLM In DC, 1-6-21. They Could Burn DC To The Ground

I was just reading that the radical, racist, white-hating, terrorist group, #BLM wants DC to not allow any white people in hotels on Jan 6, 2020. They say whites are ‘violent extremists’. Has DC forgotten so quickly what the #BLM did in most of the cities during the summer of 2020 or are they afraid of the fake, non existent, ‘nazi’, white boogeyman?


Let’s take a trip down memory lane. This is what BLM did in Minneapolis:

Burning America: Be Careful What You Wish For | The Iranian
EXPOSED: Ilhan Omar's daughter Isra Hirsi Retweets DSA's ...
Minneapolis Riot... City Burned Down Aftermath 5/28/2020 ...
Minneapolis Manufacturing Company Will Leave City after ...


WATCH: BLM Rioters Leave Chicago In Shambles And 13 Police ...





Image: Mayor celebrates Black Lives Matter riots until her home is targeted, now she is crying about terrorism

2 billion in damage: The 2020 Black Lives Matter Riots Are The Most Damaging …

I could go on and on, all day long. But, as usual, the Communist, radical, Left says the ‘right wing’ is violent: ‘Black Lives Matter DC’ asks more hotels to close ahead of planned pro-Trump demonstration:Are you all going to follow suit and protect Black Lives or welcome white extremists violent gangs into your establishments on January 6? 

Will DC burn regardless?

Because the Left, once again, is projecting what THEY just might do….

And You're Glue (2/5) – je suis

“V” For Vendetta: A Projection Of What Left-Wingers Were Planning For 2020?

“V” For Vendetta: A Projection Of What Left-Wingers Were Planning For 2020?

Part of what keeps the fascistic government of V For Vendetta‘s 1980s Britain in power is a pandemic. A disease known as St. Mary’s Virus has ravaged Europe and killed over 100,000 people by the time the film starts.

My 2 cents…”V” for Vendetta was an interesting movie to say the least. But, as usual, rabid Leftists produced it and projected onto the ‘right wing’ what they were planning. Isn’t it telling, that in the movie, a virus was dumped on the Brits in order to gain control of the population? It’s really something else that this is what WE are experiencing at present. Minus a ‘right wing’ dictatorship. Modern, Western ‘right wingers’ don’t have it in them to drop viruses onto the population. Most modern ‘right wingers’ believe in God or at least acknowledge His existence, which would stop them from doing something like this. The Western Leftists hate Hashem/God, Jesus/Yeshua, the Holy Spirit, Orthodox Synagogues, Churches and they shun God’s existence, making them unaware of evil and open to commit any random act of destruction and death.

Does the Communist, western left have the fortitude to stop themselves from murdering off a population to gain control? Nope. Look how they are pro-abortion (baby murder). Look how they ‘want blood’, (A leftist said this the other day as he was conversing about Conservative Americans.) Leftists desiring violence is the norm now. Look at all of the cities in the summer of 2020. The idiots were ‘resisting’ Trump the dictator. *Chuckles*. What dictator? Thats a joke. If Trump was such a dictator, the Communist Democrats would have NEVER been allowed to steal the election. Which they have done. Under “Nazi/Hitler” Trump, We Had NO Gas Chambers, NO Camps, NO Yellow Stars: Dems Had TOTAL Freedom & Trump Supporters DIDN’T.






Like The Wind…

AsheDina, TMJ 2020 DEC, “LIKE THE WIND”

I feel that everything is like the wind lately. Here today, gone tomorrow…..a tragic event one day, ‘over it’ the next. Totally desensitized. Like nothing matters because its ALL going to chit.

If you voted for Biden because you believe things are going to ‘change for the better’, you are lying to yourself. If you are pro-Trump and you believe Trump will ‘take care of everything’, you are also lying to yourself. NOBODY can ‘fix’ this disaster….. WHY? Because it is a long, at least 4 decade old fiasco.

Ya can’t fix stupid and ya can’t vote it out.

WHY? Because the stupid rarely steps down. They occupy both houses for decades. Of course, we get a few young ones here and there but it’s rare. Its just the same old Romans minus the toga’s. The same old story–The same ol song and dance.

So, what is the answer? God. God and the bible: Torah, Tanakh, New Testament, Devotions, spirited books… Nothing else offers hope. It’s best not to look for hope in the government because they WILL let you down. Hope in God. That’s what I can offer. Silver and gold, I do not have. I know that Elohim, Jehovah God is the only place that only entity that offers hope in these times.

God bless. Have a God-filled New Year…

If you really think this is going to change…. Dream On.

And, Now? #MASKSQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny

MASKS SQUADS. No Matter How You Try To Justify This, It IS Tyranny.

It seems that MANY Americans enjoy tyranny and tyrants. Anytime I pass a person all keyed up over someone not wearing a mask (but the keyed up person is in a mask), I see a little tyrant.

In a way, the Mask Nazi’s have made life easier. I now know WHO to stay away from. Anyone who feels the need to RAT on their fellow citizens.. I really want no part of. Because inside of that person is a Napoleonic tyrant just dying to come out.

Americans are not freedom lovers anymore.


They can yell and holler “FREEDOM”, but they don’t care about liberty. As long as someone is ‘protecting’ an American person, they feel good. Americans do not mind being mugged by TSA at the airport because that makes them feel ‘protected’ from ‘terrorists.’ However, most Americans they dont mind bombing the crap out of some country because Lindsay Graham wants a ‘regime change’ in that said country.. This is not terrorism, its justified because………..

They mug American’s at the airport but American’s voting rights are not secure or protected. They send billions in cash to ensure a wall around the country of Jordan but walls are evil for Americans because ‘that’s racist.’

This is not America. This is bullsh’t. It’s an embarrassment….. and the pro-Mask Squad lunatics are the biggest bunch of b.s’ers ever.


The New York State Department of Health (DOH) has announced its deployment of “mask squads” to ensure people adhere to public health guidelines;  NY Post 

Half Of One Of My Recent Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing)

Half Of One Of My Dreams Came To Pass (Nashville Bombing)

I believe that God gives dreams to warn of possible events ahead. In Joel 2: 28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

SO: With dreams, you only know ‘in part’ because you are in a spiritual realm. Many times, there are symbolic messages IN the dream also.

Here is the first dream I had-December 9th 2020:

I was walking down the street of a very robust city somewhere in America. I was with my sister. As we were walking, we looked up at a very large Chinese style building. As we watched the tiny figures of people walking thru the floors of this building, a LARGE bomb hit the building and leveled it to the ground

This dream seems to have THREE parts to it.

1. A very robust city in America. Nashville IS very robust.

2. As for the building, (AT&T building being “Chinese”)….. I don’t know what that means. Possibly means Chinese friendly company? Was the dream showing me Chinese style collaboration? I don’t know. I just know a bomb (or something) did indeed hit a building in Nashville yesterday, Dec 25, 2020. Leveling it. Leveling much around it. Just as the dream states.

3. The, America began to become devastated by bombs in the next scene. People became homeless. Then, they became hungry.

Pray this is not so and does not happen.

SEE: 2 Spiritual Dreams I Had: I Believe They Are Metaphorical/Symbolic



A Tweeter named Edward Jones, 4 days ago tweeted this:

“Four Days Before The Bombing In Nashville Near The AT&T Building, American Patriot Alleged That AT&T Got The Contract To Do The Forensic Audit On The Dominion Voting Machines And That They Are Transported To Nashville’:  Click and go to this post. Hat Tip- TIFA

Inquiring minds would like to know…

And, then there is this:

Nashville explosion was actually a missile strike, and the target was the AT&T / NSA hardened switching facility “spy hub”

I don’t know. Just letting you search out this matter for yourself.  I do know that the Left is going out of its way to make sure votes are not audited, though. Why is that? If they are innocent?


PS: Anyone really think an amateur did this much damage:

S rozhdyestvom Hristovym! (Merry Christmas) Russia & Proud Russian Trolls. Love, Ted Noiz & TMJ

Me, Ted Noiz (who at times drops a blog post) Ted Noiz and an array of my other online friends love Russian people and admire their art, music, literature and life. We are very joyful that Russia has turned back to being an Orthodox country..

We wish the Russian people a very Merry Christmas. Ignore our stupid media and know that there are some people here who do respect and have love for you.


Bible-Loathing, Authoritarian Dems Want Christians “Re-educated” & Removed From Ofc (28 Pg Report Given To Biden)

Bible-Loathing, Anti Religious Freedom Communist Authoritarian Dems Want Christians “Re-educated” & Removed From Ofc

The God hating, baby murderers want Christians in America, ‘re-educated’ to be just as God-hating, bully and immoral as they are.

You know, I grew up with a very domineering, dominating, authoritarian Grandmother. She really was a bully. Yes, there was some good things about her: She was a very loyal person and I owe my thanks to her for that. But, she was very authoritative=anti individual freedom. I loved my Grandmother but I felt SO FREE when I finally just moved out of her condo.

SO, I know authoritarianism when I see it and hear it.

Definition of Authoritarian: favoring absolute obedience to authority, as against individual freedom. Tending to tell other people what to do in a peremptory or arrogant manner.

(Which is exactly what Authoritarian Democrats are.) They just cannot leave people alone. They scream ‘You fascist, you Nazi”…. But, these types of Authoritarians always project what they are.

Its none of their business how I believe or what I believe. I’m not the one shoving MY beliefs all over America. THEY, however ARE shoving their belief system all over us and I am sick of it. Aren’t you? It really would not bother me at this point to slap a Commie right in the face. And, yes, I drank my calming tea. I’m just tired of these bullies.

Please go read this: Democrat, 28 page document surfaces demanding Biden clamp down on conservative Christians, remove them from public office and re-educate Trump voters

Steal Away…

I digitized this one this morning and after I saw it, I thought of the phrase “Steal away”. That’s really what we need to do in this trying time. Steal ourselves. Sit down, read the scriptures. Meditate on God and Heaven. Think about being in Heaven with animals that are talking. I believe animals in Heaven talk. Definitely. At any rate, tonite is Christmas eve. Hanukkah is over. A new Year will begin.

Learn HOW to steal your soul and spirit away from the madness. Away from the strife and political chaos. Make yourself a little corner where no one can come in but you and God. Get away. Steal away to the Lord.

God bless you. Merry Christmas. Love you.

This band was a spinoff band of Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Because Trump Failed To Deal With Big Tech Censorship, He & The GOP Will Be Forever Silenced

Because Trump failed to deal with Big Tech censorship, he and the GOP will be forever silenced

When I was in 5th grade, my teacher, Miss Roche constantly taught about the dangers of Communism. One danger she repeated many times: “Communist countries do not allow their citizens to talk”. This flabbergasted my little mind: NO TALKING? How would we communicate? The very thought of not being able to communicate made me deathly afraid of Communism. TO THIS DAY, I deplore and fear Communism more than any other ideology.

Like it or not, Trump has been a LOT of talk and no action. Our freedom of speech diminished under Donald J….BIGLY. How many Conservative people lost their voice under Trump? Hundreds, thousands. DJT let any ol Communist Democrat censor him. He didnt want to be known as a ‘fascist’ by the American, Communist, Democrats and the Pinko, GOP LIARS… So, he did nothing. This will hurt many Conservative, Libertarian, “Right Wingers”, Independents, Constitutionalists, Moderates, Anti War crowd, etc. They will have to finagle their way around words just to publish a post. Many are already in the cyber gulags. The only people this has not and will not hurt are the immoral, amoral, god-hating, debaucherous, godless, COMMUNIST PIGS. As usual.

I cannot tell you how disappointed I am & have been in President Trump. Honestly, friends. I only fight for him because I love YOU American patriots. This is why I held back so much anger and frustration in his presidency. Remember he was going to ‘hang Hillary?” Please. Talk, talk talk. We are in dire straits. Remember he said he would be the President of “Law and order?” What a joke. The nation was BURNED, statues destroyed, WW2 memorials desecrated, etc by the Communist pigs under Trump.

Read more here-Because Trump failed to deal with Big Tech censorship, he and the GOP will be forever silenced