Remember When Bush Promised Unity In 2000? Dems Weren’t Interested. Why Is That?

Remember When Bush Promised Unity? Dems Weren’t Interested. Why Is That?

Why didn’t the Dems seek unity also in 2000? Because they believed that 537 votes were ‘off’ in the 2000 election. That’s why. Of course, they had a media on their ‘side’, as they always do. Not so much the Republican, Trump people this time around. The 73 or so million Trump supporters can go to hell as far as the Dems are concerned. None of the news media is even showing what is happening with voter fraud this year. I just sit here and shake my head. But, then I remember the “Communist goals for America”, entered into congress in 1963 by Judge Herlong & I face reality all over again: The Communist, Radical Leftist goals are complete: They have performed an election coup and now they plan to rule–with an iron fist, no doubt.

Blast from the past:

I think Bush was a very bad President. He literally gave us Obama who turned out to be a worse war monger than Bush. But, you’d never know that because the main stream didn’t cover it. Why should they? It would make their King Obama look bad. They only do that sh*t to Republicans.

3 thoughts on “Remember When Bush Promised Unity In 2000? Dems Weren’t Interested. Why Is That?

  1. Old word made new. Kindest way to describe these creatures is ;Nimcompoops. I knew when ever my dad heard politicans speak when young , he would exclaim a yiddish word-fashtunckina..its the same wise dad that at 17 when i could soon vote, he said to never vote for a lawyer and on national level never vote for anyone from chicago. That would have been in 70’s. Pretty prophetic yet just wisdom.

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