Inspired By Art, Lately…

The background is a digital art museum in europe. The ladies are from an online repro gallery. I mixed em all.

So…. I love putting these type of things up at the top of my blog because it breaks the monotony. And, I feel very lackadaisical lately. I lost every, single gig since March because of this covid hysteria. No singing and it looks like there will probably be no more singing for at least another year. Who knows. So, its all about making digital art and mixing elements for me right now.

The only thing ‘good’ about being off for months like this is my tinnitus is slowly getting less aggravating and less loud. It does not last 7-10 days anymore, only 4-6. So, hopefully, God can heal this terrible ailment.

At any rate: Last year, I had finally ‘made it’ in Las Vegas. We had a sold-out house and it was a great show. We were ‘on our way’. But, this hysteria happened. So, I’m kinda down. Which is why I am always posting art and a nice video. I hope the few that read this will like the post. Thanks.

1920’s Flappers – AI Enhanced 1927 Fashion Film (RESTORED!)

5 thoughts on “Inspired By Art, Lately…

  1. Happy 1st day of Hannukah! Today I met a Russian Jewish emigre who now owns 3 companies. She told me that the Jewish people are put here to help bring people together. The liberal Democrat Jews that are dividing will bring punishment.

  2. Yes we aren’t either. Just a good meal and pray for those who are facing homelessness in the very near future. Love you!

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