Time For A BOSTON Break

Seriously….Boston is one of my all time favorite groups. It was about 1978-79 when I first heard Boston. Their harmony was impeccable. The sounds they crafted through that keyboard was phenomenal. The lead singer, Brad Delp was excellent. The notes he could reach were astounding. And, he wasnt an egomaniac.

Without further adieu: “Long Time”, no Foreplay-

“More than A Feeling”


Is there anything ‘evil’ whitey’s can’t accomplish when they set their minds to it?

5 thoughts on “Time For A BOSTON Break

  1. Heck yeah! 😀
    Great songs about love, life, the journey, etc.
    They had an anointing all their own

  2. Wow. Been a long time but seems like yesterday, the world that was. Wish i could go back and redo some stuff in the days of boston, i well renember. Cant. So will prepare for reign of Christ. Thanks for boston after so long.

  3. You know Stive…A LOT of these older songs brought me close to the Lord. Got me to think.
    I love these old songs.

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