Michigan: Antrim County’s Server Shows 15,676 Individual Events, w/ 68% Reporting Errors. DESIGNED #VoterFraud

Michigan: Antrim County’s Server Shows 15,676 Individual Events, w/ 68% Reporting Errors. DESIGNED #VoterFraud

As you know, I am already resolved to the fact that the Communist Democrat party ‘won’ by fraud and this fraud will place the Communist Democrats in the White House. So, even though I am resolved that they will probably rule over us by force… I believe it is imperative that we all still blog and discuss what the cheating traitors did to this nation.

1. MI judge approves release of audit showing 68% error rates in county’s Dominion voting software (American Military Times)

2. Court-ordered audit concludes Dominion voting machines were intentionally designed to ‘create systemic fraud’ in Michigan (RT)

‘Shockingly, the auditors claimed that the widespread errors were a feature, not a bug, stating that the voting system “intentionally” generates a high number of ballot errors which can then be used to manipulate the vote tally. 

We conclude that the Dominion Voting System is intentionally and purposefully designed with inherent errors to create systemic fraud and influence election results.

3. Forensic auditors find shocking 68% error rate in one Michigan county’s votes, (WA TIMES)

You can read more detail at Neon Nettle if you like – Judge Releases Dominion Audit Report: System ‘Designed’ to ‘Create Systemic Fraud’ Court unseals details of audit on machines in Michigan’s Antrim County 

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Every State W/ Major #VoterFraud, Obama & Holder Call “Target” States On their Website: “All On The Line”

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  1. US – President-Reject Biden ($1.5 billion deal with China)
    US – Hunter Biden (various deals with China)
    US – NBA (fake pipe burst during election night which provided the cover for stealing the election)
    US – Mike Holtzman special adviser for public affairs to the U.S. trade ambassador under Bill Clinton
    US – Donald Purdy Jr. Bush white house member became the chief security officer for Huawei’s U.S. operations.
    US – Ambassador Clark T. Randt, a special adviser of HOPU Jinghua (Beijing) Investment Consultancy Co.
    US – James D. Wolfensohn, president of World Bank Group served as a member of China’s sovereign wealth fund.
    US – David Firestein (East-West Institure)
    US – Davide Firstein (partnered with an organization that fronted for the People’s Liberation Army’s political-intelligence agency)
    AZ – Sen. Mark Kelly (former Space Shuttle astronaut, on his 2006 flight, took a Chinese flag as his sole personal item)
    AZ – Matt Salmon vice president for government affairs at Arizona State University caters to the Confucius Institute
    AZ – Gov. Ducey (Dominion and on the CCP list)
    AZ – SOS Katie Hobbs (Dominion and campaign contributions)
    AK – Gov. Hutchinson (CCP list)
    CA – Gov. Newsom (CCP list)
    CA – Rep. Swalwell (sleeping with a Chinese spy and he was on the House Intelligence Committee)
    CA – Sen. Diane Feinstein (employed a Chinese spy for 20 years).
    CT – Gov. Lamont (CCP list)
    DE – Gov. Hardy (CCP list)
    GA – Gov. Kemp (awarded $107M contract to Dominion two weeks after meeting with China’s Consul General)
    GA – SOS Raffensberger (Dominion voting systems)
    GA – Ossoff’s (father Met With Chinese ‘Dignitaries’ While Touring His China-Built Yacht)
    KY – Sen. Mitch McConnell (His wife is directly connected via business to the CCP)
    KY – Gov. Bashear (CCP list)
    IA – Gov. Holcomb (CCP list)
    ID – Gov. Lou (CCP list)
    IL – Gov. Pritzker (CCP list)
    IO – Gov. Reynolds (CCP list)
    LA – Gov. Edwards (CCP list)
    LA – Rep. Charles Boustany represents the U.S.- China Transpacific Foundation, which is based in Las Vegas*
    MI – Rep. Cynthia Johnson (photographed playing ping pong with Chinese General Council head then rigging Detroit election)
    MA – Dr. Charles Leiber (Harvard professor affiliation with the WUT and involved with China’s “Thousand Talents Plan,”
    MN. – Gov. Waltz (CCP list)
    MI – Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (used DONATED Chinese drones to spy on Michigan citizens)
    MT – Gov. Bullock (CCP list)
    NC or Mass – Gov. Baker (CCP list)
    NE – Gov. Rickets (CCP list)
    NE – Jon Christenson Chinese telecom giant ZTE Corp hired him as a lobbyist after he left Congress
    NV – Gov. Sisolak (CCP list)
    NM – Gov. Grisham (CCP list)
    RI – Gov. Raimondo (CCP list)
    UT – Gov. Herbert (CCP list)
    TN – Gov. Lee (CCP list)
    TX – Gov. Abbot (CCP list)
    OH – John Boehner joined Squire Patton Boggs the lobbying firm has long represented the Chinese embassy in Washington*
    OR – Gov. Brown (CCP list)
    VT – Gov. Scott (CCP list)

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