“Feathered”, Dec 2020 PAR TMJ

I made this one thinking about the Communist Democrat party–who only get feathered and never tarred. Never hurt.

I was reading this scripture last night from Revelation 13:4: “Who is like this beast? Who can make war against him/it?”

Think about that passage. WHO can kill this beast? It seems no one on earth can touch the globalist/Communists and they rarely ever die of natural death.

So, this is the plan: We have to start cursing them with the spirit of God. We have to pray in multitudes and curse these EVIL, baby murdering, pedo supporting, homosexual, poop-chute adoring filth. That is the only power that is going to break this evil devil machine.

So, Christians, Jews, Messianics, J4J- people who believe: Start cursing these savages, in Jesus name in the name of Elohim. What ever your persuasion- Just do it. Leave your ideas behind and just do it. Read the Bible. Get strength. CURSE THIS EVIL. Ask HaShem to curse this thing. Where-ever you are in your faith: Get on your knees, lift your hands and CURSE THIS DEMONIC MACHINE.

2 thoughts on “Feathered….

  1. Good idea! Call the curses down upon them that HaShem promised to them when they do evil. Thanks for always standing in the gap.

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