Meet Joe Biden’s ‘Transgender Secretary of Education’

Meet Joe Biden’s ‘Transgender Secretary of Education’

Here we descend, back into filth, degradation and shame. Back to the disgusting days of Obama’s rancid rule. The people who voted for Biden, I mean OBAMA must love this smut.

A Tranny is in charge of your children now.

God has returned us to the days of obscenity. Meet Joe Biden’s Transgender Secretary of Education

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Im so repulsed, I’m just weeping. Communist Democrats are filthy, depraved pigs. Look for the complete normalization of pedophilia and beastiality.

5 thoughts on “Meet Joe Biden’s ‘Transgender Secretary of Education’

  1. Lets put it this way with no names. There is a famous israeli man who donated an organ and became a woman sort of as missing one part. He liked men and did not wish to be a homo so solved it by becoming a woman sort of. Life of drugs needed to be woman like. Heres the catch, after a few years as a woman, it suddenly began to like women over men! My conclusion is this is proff its a mental and/or demonic problem. Can add or subtract parts but gender never changes.

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