NYers – Piss Off Communist Dictator, #Cuomo – Buy A Confederate Flag. Links Here:

Piss Of Commie #Cuomo, Buy A Confederate Flag. Links Here:

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The Communist dictator of NY has banned the sales of Confederate flags: Read more at Reason.com I see this as somewhat comical. I lived in NY until I was 17 and then lived there again later in my life. I never saw a Confederate flag there–EVER. Cuomo is an idiot.

Time to buy a Confederate flag and HANG IT HIGH!! Links:

Confederate Shop – Confederate Shop

Confederate Store | Rebel Flag Attire | Dixie Republic

Rebel Nation | The #1 Rebel Flag Store In The USA

Confederate Novelties | Civil War Stuff – Online Store

Rebel Flags & Confederate Flag for Sale. Mix n Match: Buy …

Handmade authentic Confederate Battle FlagsConfederate …

Confederate Flags are the #1 selling flags on the internet

Confederate Flags – The Proud Rebel

Confederate flag | Etsy

Duck Duck Go Search;    CLICK

5 thoughts on “NYers – Piss Off Communist Dictator, #Cuomo – Buy A Confederate Flag. Links Here:

  1. Gonna try to order my flag. Born & raised in dixie. Until 3rd grade after pledge of allegience we sang dixie in school. I support the confedetacy as they obeyed the constution. Dont believe in slavery but 97% of confederates did not have slaves. Left alone like in u.k. & france slavery would have ended by a move of God thru the church. It had already started but lincoln made a mess. Its just beautiful flag. Christian & scottish in origin.

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