Time For A FOREIGNER Break

A lot of rockers I have hung out with, (including my cuz who plays fill in drummer for many famous rock bands) always thought that Foreigner was “bubblegum rock”. I never did. I thought that Lou Gramm was an excellent rock vocalist and a fabulous lyricist. Ditto Mick Jones. Great guitarist, fabulous song writer. Kelly Hansen, the lead vocalist since 2005 is an outstanding rock singer.. I never hear him screaming or screeching. He has deep, rich, gutsy vocals. I think he is better than Lou Gramm. Of course, die hard Foreigner fans will scream and yell at me for that one, LOL.

Double Vision, Live at the “Rainbow”, 1978 with Lou Gramm:

“Say you will”, Live – acoustic version – 2017 Eagle Casino with Kelly Hansen. Fabulous, live vocals and their harmony is impeccable:

“Juke Box Hero”. Live, Nashville – 2010. The BEST Live version performed by Kelly Hansen: