2 Spiritual Dreams I Had: I Believe They Are Metaphorical/Symbolic

2 Spiritual Dreams I Had: I Believe They Are Metaphorical/Symbolic

I believe that God gives dreams to warn of possible events ahead. In Joel 2: 28 “And afterward, I will pour out my Spirit on all people. Your sons and daughters will prophesy, your old men will dream dreams, your young men will see visions.

Here is the first dream I had: December 9th 2020:

I was walking down the street of a very robust city somewhere in America. I was with my sister. As we were walking, we looked up at a very large Chinese style building. As we watched the tiny figures of people walking thru the floors of this building, a LARGE bomb hit the building and leveled it to the ground. People were screaming as they were dying. It was so sad. Then, all of the people around us began to run for their lives. The next scene I was taken into, I saw that America was devastated by bombs. People were living in railroad cars and old buses, cardboard boxes. Everywhere you went, there were cardboard box quarters. In the dream, I remember being hungry. So hungry. I refused to beg. I would pray in my heart: “Lord, give me the strength to make it to the next stop. Please help me with this hunger, Lord”. God would give me strength to make it but nobody helped anyone. It was a desolate, devastated America. I woke up.

The next dream I had was last night, December 18, 2020:

I was on a very large island type ship. Much like my Titanic Dream.. There were so many rooms in this ship type existence. We were sailing, (at least it seemed like we were sailing). And, as we were sailing along, I looked out to the sea and the sea was rising…. Swells that were thousands of feet high. Somehow, the ship (island ship, it was like an island that was a ship) became vulnerable and it started sinking. There was no way out. NO WAY out of this island type ship. It was going down. We were all going to drown—ALL OF US WOULD DROWN. There was NO escape. It was happening no matter what we all did to keep it afloat. I remember my friend from Calif calling me. I had to tell him ‘Goodbye”, for the ship/island was going down. The ship started to fill with water. People were drowning left and right. Dead. I drown also but I didn’t die. I couldnt believe I was not dead. No matter what happened, I was still alive. However, I was stuck in this ship. NO way out. I looked up toward the top of the ship and saw a fighter jet fly in the sky. I guess it was trying to rescue people? At any rate, no matter where I looked, people were drowning. Dying. But, I kept living….


1st dream, I believe it means that the Chinese would attack us. But, they will hurt themselves in the process. It was a building in America that was hit by a bomb. This bomb could have been the cyber ‘pearl harbor’ that took place the other day. Im not sure. The hunger and abodes the people were living in, I believe, is an ominous warning of what is coming ahead with much poverty and starvation.

2nd dream: I believe this dream is telling that America is going down and we will ALL drown in the judgment. Some of us will live THRU the judgment. Many will die. I lived thru it but it was horrible.

That is what I have so far. As far as interpretation goes.

At any rate, be blessed. Buckle up. Pray and trust God.

Here is my list of dreams for the last 15 years or so. I started having these type dreams when I was 16 years old: My Prophetic Dreams From Years 2009-2020-Russia/Chinese Invasion, War In USA & Mass Chaos, By: The Mad Jewess

11 thoughts on “2 Spiritual Dreams I Had: I Believe They Are Metaphorical/Symbolic

  1. Too early to comment but adding that ships coming into nyc sound must pass a water tower that says welcome to babylon on long island. The tares now rule in usa israel and the major nations. All those names and groups are tares. But sanity still exists, madascar said no jabs there and drink artemesia tea if feel unwell. Now time to dig into content here.

  2. I believe that the bomb you saw hitting the building was representative of the coronavirus and all its future mutations that God is sending upon a world that has turned too far from him just as in the days of ancient Israel and Egypt.

    The squalid living conditions that you witnessed will actually happen because the pandemics will eventually overwhelm both the medical establishment and the government’s ability to respond to it in its many forms.

    America is, even now, moving toward a more fascist mentality … more so than in any previous years. Chances are that because of this pandemic and because of some vast amount of people who refuse to take it seriously enough to do their safety precautions, the pandemics will continue their destructive rage with a potential eventual death rate of 80-million people in the United States alone.

    As the nation weakens, foreign entities will exploit opportunities to further weaken her … cyber attacks, attacks on foreign trade, attacks on financial markets, propaganda attacks …and eventually physical invasion with foreign troops.

    California and the old south will become the Russian Bloc, the East Coast will become the Fascist Bloc and the rest of the country will be controlled by NATO.

    All this, of course will begin the Third World War.

    Either there will be a great spiritual awakening in America and the nation will turn more toward God or conditions will prevail that will make the days of Noah and Moses look like a kindergarten Sunday school.

  3. Where-ever it is going, John—it CANT be good because of what you say – we have turned FAR away from God 😦
    I dont see America turning toward God.
    As a whole, we havent–not in 30 years.

    I hope you’re well?
    Im working on my digital art all the time.
    I hope you have a nice Christmas πŸ˜€

  4. I can’t presume to foresee the twists and turns that this will take but God is all that most of us will have – and I wish I were wrong. For the holiday this year we are grateful to have a good meal and that is ALL. Good to see you John Liming.

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  6. Appreciate dreams & visions. All should be pondered with discernment. Sometimes time is necessary for clarity to come. Had many in my youth. Americas overseas military will outlive america itself is what i see and serve the beast. As of today jan 2, 11.4% of israelis have been jabbed. But age 60+ 41% have been jabbed. Time is so short now. God will soon make his move as otherwise no flesh be saved. Dreams edify prophesy and God, prepare us of what to do. Am sober and vigilant.

  7. I still have a lot of dreams. They come sporadically.
    Of course they are only usually warnings

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